Being a 'great guy' got the best of Scott Campbell

Chris Russell
May 10, 2018 - 6:47 am

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The Washington Redskins said goodbye to a man who has faithfully served them for 17 years in a variety of different high-level roles.

Scott Campbell, the Redskins Senior Personnel Executive, was let go by the Redskins front office, as first reported by

106.7 The Fan quickly confirmed Campbell’s tenure was up, but because his contract had expired.  

Further, Campbell himself confirmed the news to 106.7 The FAn, saying, in part, "I can confirm Doug Williams called to tell me that my contract would not be renewed. I loved my 17 years with the club."

I believe this to be true, despite Mike Florio's objection.

Here's the bottom-line: I've known Scott Campbell for nine years and have had many conversations with him over that time. We've never had dinner together and we do not hang out, but I feel I have a much firmer grasp on the reality of the situation and Campbell's integrity than people that do not know him.

Campbell has never lied to me. He's always been kind and courteous. He's always been helpful and genuine. He never did anything or said anything to damage the franchise or his integrity. Ever. It's just not the kind of person that Scott Campbell is.

You can call it whatever you want, and if you must, you can call it a firing, but the simple reality is there are other significant factors at play besides Campbell's contract expiration.

As 106.7 The Fan's Craig Hoffman mentioned, the Redskins want to expand the roles of area scouts into what was formerly Campbell's main role as a national scout. Campbell tells 106.7 The Fan he is not considering retirement and is very open to his next opportunity.

One of the main factors in Campbell’s departure took place last year. Kyle Smith, the Redskins young stud at Director of College Scouting (and son of former Chargers GM/Redskins Senior Personnel Exec, A.J. Smith) was promoted to run the college scouting department, with Campbell's role being adjusted.

Campbell was no longer in the building on a consistent basis (and never was during the college football season) and Smith's star continued to shine.

Smith was courted by at least two NFL teams a year ago, helping fuel his promotion, and at least one new team is very interested in his services currently.

Redskins Senior VP of Personnel, Doug Williams, knew exactly what the Redskins had in Smith and essentially aligned his plan for the front office re-alignment last summer, with Smith playing a featured role and Campbell playing a more senior or reduced role.

Nothing changed in that thought process over the last 11 months or so, the exception being that the Redskins realized they simply cannot lose Smith for any reason.

For now, Smith did not receive a promotion, but it’s not out of the question that, at some point, he could be elevated to the title of general manager, per Craig Hoffman and 106.7 The Fan sources.

As for Campbell, he's a scout who played an executive role at times while balancing what he truly loves to do. The son of former NFL head coach, the late Marion Campbell, Scott Campbell is a football man through and through. He was probably in the wrong organization, ultimately, for that.

The Redskins are built heavily on politics and sometimes that trumps pigskin. Even if you land diamonds in the rough like Alfred Morris or Nick Sundberg. 

He'll have options. Campbell walks away with "many positive memories and friendships," as he told me via text.

The irony is the man who essentially replaced him as the head of college scouting (Smith) was somebody Campbell identified and "took under his wing," as one source put it. Another source mentioned that Campbell told the Redskins in 2010 after Smith's internship that they "better not let him get away."

To the Redskins' credit, they listened. To Campbell's credit, he taught and nurtured. Perhaps the writing has been on the wall for some time and Campbell knew it, but on Wednesday, being a great guy got the best of Scott Campbell.

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