There's a 'big chance' Trent Williams returns to Redskins

Chris Lingebach
January 07, 2020 - 10:05 am

Redskins running back Chris Thompson tells The Sports Junkies he thinks there's a "big chance" Trent Williams returns to the team now that Bruce Allen has been fired.

As part of a major housecleaning, the Redskins fired longtime team president Bruce Allen and head athletic trainer Larry Hess, two people Williams had his biggest problems with after his cancer revelation. Thompson was asked during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance – presented by Steamfitters UA Local 602 – if those employees being gone increases the chances for a Williams reunion with the Redskins.

"I believe it does," Thompson said. "I mean, from articles and stuff that I read, he had problems with two people. And now that's out the way, I think he would come back now. He always said that, for him, Dan wasn't an issue at all. It was more how he was treated medically and how he felt about Bruce and stuff. That's out the question now, out the way now, so I think it's a big chance that he'll come back."

"I read something earlier I think this week where AP said he had talked to Trent, I believe, and said that he would come back," Thompson added. "I wouldn't see him holding out now."

Peterson and Williams are friends dating back to their time together at Oklahoma. Last week Peterson told reporters of Williams, "Before the firing, I kind of knew his feelings. Obviously we all know how he felt and what he had to say, so I do feel like there's an opportunity for him to come back."

After his introductory press conference, head coach Ron Rivera told JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington he had a plan for how he wants to sit down with Williams. It's unclear if those wheels have already been set into motion.

The Redskins have since hired Ryan Vermillion away from the Panthers to be their new head athletic trainer, and Dr. Kevin Wilk as their new medical consultant. Wilk will report directly to Vermillion.

"I figured that this time around, when changes were gonna be made, they were gonna be huge," Thompson said of all the firings. "And we had situations with the issue that we had with Trent and stuff this year, with how he feels he was taken care of. There's other players that have some things to say."

"Me personally, obviously I've been in that training room a lot and they've all taken really good care of me," he said. "I've been around them a lot, so I've got relationships with those guys, so it hits me a little different than it does everybody else. You know, everybody else is kinda, 'Alright, well, it is what it is.' But when you're around people, you start to care about them, care about the person, too, more than the job."

"And I know Larry had been here for (17 years) or something like that," Thompson went on. "That's a long time being in one spot to now having to, he's gotta pick up and figure things out all over again. New coach, Dan was going to make sure this time around he changed absolutely everything. From top to bottom, he's cleaning house and just trying to have a completely clean slate. It was definitely expected."

Professionally, Thompson remains in a state of limbo after seven seasons with the Redskins. He's passionate about returning, but understands that may not be a possibility with two young running backs on the roster. The Redskins have selected running backs in consecutive drafts, Derrius Guice in the second round in 2018 and Bryce Love in the fourth round in 2019. 

Love tore his right ACL in his final game at Stanford and spent his entire rookie season on the Reserve/Non-Football Injury list, so he posed no threat to Thompson's roster spot. That may not be the case come 2020.

"At this point right now, Bryce has been in and out of the building a lot," Thompson told The Junkies. "He's had to have some things done to his knee a couple times, so I've only really seen him run like on the side, like just kind of doing some light agility drills and doing some straight-ahead running and stuff like that.

"I can only speak of what I saw from him at Stanford and what I'm seeing every day that I do go to the facility. He goes in like early morning and gets his rehab and workout out the way or whatever."

"That's part of the whole question of whether I'm gonna be here or not," he said. "I think it might depend a lot on Bryce and how he's gonna feel, how they think his knee will hold up during the season. It's really a waiting game. I know and understand that and I understand that when we drafted Bryce last year, I was going to be in this type of situation."

"That's my guy," he said. "So whatever happens, it ain't no bad blood or anything like that. We just gotta wait and see how it (plays out)."