'Big Fat Winners' podcast relaunches under cloud of controversy

Chris Lingebach
August 27, 2018 - 1:22 pm

The "Big Fat Winners" podcast relaunches Wednesday under a cloud of controversy, over who exactly will be hosting the show.

When BFW debuted in 2014, it was hosted by Jason "Bish" Bishop and Junkies producer Matt Valdez. After several episodes, Skippy – a longtime friend of The Junkies – was added into the mix, and would call into the show and give his picks from his home in Colorado. This was the 'I WANT TO WIN ON THE PODCAST!' year. 

That version of the show – Jason, Valdez and Skippy – would last for two college football seasons, before CBS Radio pulled the plug after discovering Skippy was, um, skirting gambling laws. Valdez, presumably fearing his job security, stayed out of the fray when the show relaunched with a new cast the next season. BFW Version 3.0 was hosted by Jason, Skippy and some donk named Jabby

Valdez was also excluded from Version 4.0 last fall, which features the same hosts who are relaunching the show on Wednesday: Jason, Skippy and some donk producer named Pat Himes. This time around, the show has the backing of Entercom, which is perhaps why Valdez would feel safe participating. Should he be asked to be involved, which, as we learned Monday, he was not.

JP: Is it official that Valdez is out, just because you simply forgot him?

Jason: I don't know why he's out, to be honest with you. He never showed any interest to me.

EB: When you announced on the air that the podcast was back, and he knew nothing about it, he was bitter that he got left out.

Valdez: I just, I wasn't asked.

EB: And I said, knowing Jason, and Jason's very calculated – I mean, maybe there's some weird calculated thing that he's not going to tell us, but I really think he just didn't care about ya, didn't think about ya. So you can take that personally if you want.

Jason: Well, after everything went bad after we were doing the podcast, he never really showed any interest to do it anymore. So, Scott and I started doing it, and then we had someone else produce it.

Valdez: Well, that's the things, is I don't want to produce it. I produce this show. That's the last thing I want to do is produce another show. 

Jason: You can be on if you want. I don't care. I just... you never showed any interest, so I just... 

EB: Well that doesn't sound like a very silly invite.

Jason: Well, I mean, then you have four people on it. There's gonna be four people.

JP: How could a four-person show be successful?

EB: Who's the third again? It's Scotty...

Jason: It's this guy Pat Himes, who's actually producing it.

EB: Okay. So that's what it is. You just basically thought four people is too many.

Valdez: He doesn't want to cut the pie that many ways. That's all.

EB: There's no pie. There's not going to be a pie.

Valdez: Well, the potential pie.

EB: The potential, I've already looked at it, there's no potential.

Jason: I might make some gas money.

Valdez: I'd be cised for gas money. ...All I know is I picked big fat winners for two years, then all of a sudden I'm not a part of the show.

Jason: Yeah, but you know what? Again, when did you ever come up to me and go, 'Hey, are we going to start it up again? I'm kind of interested in being on the show.' You never really said that. You didn't say one thing.

JP: But you also never want up to him and asked, 'Hey, I'm thinking about doing it again.' Because, for months, you weren't allowed to. So you say, 'I finally go the go-ahead. Do you want to do it with me?' You never did that.

Jason: I just never thought about it.

When the Big Fat Winners controversy came up again later in the show, Jason was able to sway EB over to his side by explaining that Valdez had declined to be a part of Version 3.0 (the non-company-sanctioned version). This is why, Jason says, Valdez won't be a part of Version 4.0.

The discrepancy in their perspectives seems to be that Jason felt like Valdez had abandoned the show, while Valdez probably feels like he was protecting his job, by not participating in a show which had gone rogue from their place of employment. Skippy, one would presume, cares not if the show is backed by CBS Radio, Entercom or good old-fashioned Bish Bucks.

Jason: Bottom line is, this is the text that Skippy just sent me. He said, 'Two years ago, I asked Matt to do a podcast with me and he claimed he was too busy.' He said he was not interested at all. He said that he wanted to do a podcast just with Valdez, because I was not involved, for many reasons, and that's when we got Jabby involved to produce it. So, Valdez was asked by Skippy. Tell me if he's lying.

Valdez: Yeah, that's true.

Jason: And he said he was not interested. 

JP: But when Jabby produced it, wasn't Matt still a part of the show, or no?

Valdez: No.

Jason: I think the only reason he's bitter is because he found out we're getting paid a little scratch and he wants to get involved now. That's what I think.

What we can say with certainty is that Valdez and Jason, co-founders of the show, are no longer doing it together. Sad.

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