That Bill Belichick to Redskins report is... something

Ben Krimmel
January 17, 2020 - 2:21 pm

The Washington Redskins finalized their coaching staff earlier this week, but did they have the opportunity to land the best coach of this era a few years ago?

There is a report out of New England that Bill Belichick had inquired about the Redskins job after the Patriots traded in 2017.

Well, take that with a giant grain of salt, because it makes very little sense.

"I think it's pretty crazy," NBC Sports Washington's and 106.7 The Fan contributor JP Finlay told Grant & Danny Friday. 

"I just don't believe it, frankly," Finlay said. "I know that there was some internal discord in New England and I know Bill Belichick grew up in Annapolis and has a real affinity for this area. It's my understanding he belongs to a pretty exclusive golf course here in the area, but I don't think there's any chance he was ever going to coach the Redskins." 

So that settles that.

But what about the current Redskins coaching staff, the one head coach Ron Rivera finalized this week. Did Rivera cast a wide enough net when making those hires?

"It's a reasonable thought," Finlay said when asked about the numerous familiar faces the new head brought to D.C. "I'm not surprised that this is the way Ron went."

Finlay added he thought it made sense for Rivera to keep special teams coordinator Nate Kaczor. On the other hand, one decision that may have been questionable was letting offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell leave.

"By all accounts, there were some, maybe, disagreements there about O'Connell's gonna get to pick his staff or Ron was gonna fill the staff out," Finlay said. "And, to me, I think Kevin O'Connell wanted out of D.C. I think that played a part in this maybe that got reconciled a bit by the hiring of Ron Rivera and the overhaul of the front office.

"But I think you gotta let (Rivera) do his thing. And talking with Ron and being at the press conference, he's got a vision and it's a very specific vision. And I think, at least, to start he wants everything exactly how he wants it."

Finlay said he believes it was important to Rivera to be given the freedom to completely build his entire staff.

"I think it's one of those things, for so many years we screamed about get rid of everybody, start over," Finlay said in reference to the Redskins organization, "You gotta kinda just go along with what the process is."

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