Bryce Harper drops a cryptic Instagram post: 'Top Flight!'

Chris Lingebach
October 15, 2018 - 9:49 pm

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Bryce Harper left the 2018 season screaming from the rooftops he would love to remain a National, if... "I'm in those plans," a polite and public way of putting the ball in the club's court.

That after, during All-Star Week, Harper dropped a trail of clues behind him signaling, for the optimists, that he preferred to return. There was also of course his very public profession of love for Washington, D.C. throughout the entire Home Run Derby, sporting a D.C. flag headband and pointing to it as he recorded his heroic comeback victory.

Who could forget the time he blocked out his entire Instagram with a mural of him thanking D.C. fans?

@bharper3407's page --

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So what – if anything – do we make of this Instagram Story featuring nothing more than one screen? A Nationals outfield of Harper, Juan Soto, Victor Robles, with their handles included so there's no room for confusion.

At the bare minimum, this is an expert-level troll by Harper, as fans can read into this pretty much any way they want. Correction: Top-flight troll!

The obvious presumption would be to take away that the future is becoming more clear, negotiations are going well and the Nats have secured a "top flight" outfield for years to come. Perhaps flight is a double entendre, also meaning he's en route to D.C. to sign his next contract?

There's no shortage of fans taking up this cause.

But others see this as just as obvious a sign that Harper's decided to leave, the "top flight" signifying what the Nationals could have had.

And then there are those observing this as, at best, a careless omission of Adam Eaton and/or Michael A. Taylor. Nats GM Mike Rizzo views Eaton as a corner outfielder at this point in his career, which makes re-signing Harper and keeping Eaton in the lineup every day... difficult.

So what does it all mean?

For now, the same as the rest of the rhetoric. We really know nothing more than we did before and still won't until Harper's next contract – with whomever – is announced.

Whether you believe he's staying or going, this serves as further confirmation.

In the meantime, Harper sure made us all think for a moment.

Maybe there will be a continuation of the Story tomorrow...

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