Report: Bryce Harper to make 'formal statement of thanks' to Nationals fans

Josh Luckenbaugh
April 01, 2019 - 12:09 pm

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Bryce Harper will be thanking Nationals fans after all, a full month after signing with the rival Phillies. 

Per Jon Morosi, Harper "has planned to make a formal statement of thanks to Nationals fans at some point before first pitch" Tuesday night when the Phillies face the Nats at Nationals Park. Morosi says the statement will be made "likely via print or social media."

Since signing with the Phillies on March 1, Harper had yet to thank Nats fans, which rubbed several people the wrong way. The question now becomes: Will fans accept Harper's statement?

"It's too late, Danny Rouhier of the 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny show said. "A tweet, an Instagram post, one of things that players love to do where they write a note on their iPhone and then take a picture of the screen so they can tweet for a little bit longer, do that."

"It was so easy, and I think he missed his chance. And I will maintain that forever. (But) it's gonna win some people over." 

"He had a window, he had a moment, he missed it," Rouhier concluded. "He showed you he was. Now, the 'Human Hashtag' will have someone construct a PR statement for him, I'm not gonna buy it."


As for Harper himself, he expects a mixed reception upon his return to Nats Park as an opposing player. 

“We’ll see what happens,’’ Harper told USA TODAY Sports, “but I really think it’s going to be mixed. I think I’ll be cheered, I really do. But I think I’ll get booed, too. It’s part of sports, right?

“I feel like the guys who are usually traded away and come back are welcomed a little more than the guys that leave as a free agent. So I don’t know how that part will go. I really have no idea what to expect, but I am looking forward to it.’’

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