Bryce Harper refuses to let us off this ride gently

Chris Lingebach
February 11, 2019 - 8:46 pm
Bryce Harper refuses to let us off this ride gently

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Bryce Harper doesn't want to let us off this ride gently.

This turbulent offseason, which has just been torturous to Nationals fans who want to see him back in D.C., has spun people every which way. At one point, everyone was convinced Harper-to-Philly was a sure thing, and a video game was going to make the announcement for him. We got a Bartolo Colon video instead (not the worst consolation prize).

If this journey is truly almost over, its starting point was this tease on Bryce Harper's Oct. 15 Instagram story, which sparked a number of believable theories about its hidden meaning.

What we've learned since that Oct. 15 post is the Nats had already made Harper an offer, one reportedly worth $300 million over 10 years, and Nats ownership has been unwilling, at least publicly, to come off that number.

We also know Bryce is coming off more and more like a sadist who's hellbent on making this the longest, unforgiving offseason his fans have ever endured.

So what the heck do we make of this?

Are we to glean that the top-flight Nats outfield may still happen?

Since news leaked of Harper's meeting last week with the Giants, Vegas lines have shifted dramatically in San Francisco's favor.

Just as they did with Philly, amid some shaky reporting that Vegas had stopped taking money on Harper prop bets during that whole bait-and-switch video game debacle.

Vegas lines change, people. That's almost their entire purpose for existing.

What we've learned repeatedly this free agency period is we know nothing until we know something, and we still know nothing.

All things considered, the end may be near just yet.

But somehow, probably not.

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