Can Nats break the SI curse?

Rick Snider
March 21, 2018 - 5:03 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Sports Illustrated predicts the Washington Nationals will win the World Series. Really?

How about picking the Nats to win a postseason series first before talking about a World Series. Rather than talking about Washington lasting until near the elections, try just an extra week into the fall.

World Series or bust?

Guess we can’t say the SI jinx is in play because the Nats are already 0-4 in the postseason with three ugly losses. If there has been a way to be either unlucky or just plain gross, the Nats have found the exit ramp to loserville. SI twice picked Washington to win the World Series in 2013-14 and the Nats didn’t even make the playoffs in the second year. SI also predicted Washington would make the Fall Classic in 2015 and was flat-out wrong.

The summers, well the Nats are hotter than the sidewalks to Capitol Hill. Springtime has been so much more fun since the team arrived in 2005. And the winters, well the hot stove league has filled in some gaps.

But the falls have been cruel. Forget being a portal to the holidays, autumn has just teased Nats fans. Washington once entered the playoffs off a no-hitter and looked helpless just days later. They have been just a strike away from winning and blown it.

Careers have been lost in October. Drew Storen went from first-round ace to exiled. Joe McCarthy would be more welcome in Washington during the 1960s than Storen nowadays. Manager Dusty Baker delivered two great regular-seasons filled with name-dropping nightly stories, yet was jettisoned for failing to win in the playoffs.

So now Sports Illustrated believes the Nats can beat the New York Yankees in the postseason? Why, Hillary winning a recount seems more possible.

And yet . . .

The Nats certainly have the pitching to win the playoffs. If they can just stay healthy and hit more than a Kardashian weighs, they could go all the way.

And for once SI will be right about something.

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