SNIDER: Can Redskins survive losing Guice?

Rick Snider
August 10, 2018 - 4:59 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


The Washington Redskins are seemingly cursed. The worst thing that could happen to them just did and finishing 6-10 is a very real fear.

Losing rookie running back Derrius Guice for the season with a torn ACL is a massive gut punch that KO's the Redskins. They can't replace him. It would have been easier to lose quarterback Alex Smith, because at least Washington has a decent backup in Colt McCoy.

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Guice was going to be the prime back. That 35-yarder negated by penalty against New England was just a taste of a 1,200-yard year ahead. Now the running game is back to last year's sorry state; just a healthier version to start.

The biggest shame is this happened to someone who worked so hard to get to that preseason opener. After those draft day whispers, Guice did everything right over the offseason. He won over fans and looked good in practices. It was a 100 percent effort that has just been converted to zero. And, that's a damn shame. Hopefully, he can stay mentally strong and come back next year, but it's 365 days you'd not wish on anyone.

Now, the Redskins are back to Rob Kelley as the prime back. They can only play Chris Thompson so much before risking injury, that was proven so last year. The rest of the backs are just guys.

The good news with Kelley is he learned how to be an NFL player. Kelley lost 20 pounds over the offseason and improved his training. That leap from second to third years is a big one for players and Kelley gets it now. Either he gets moving or he'll be moving on. His six yards on four carries against New England is scary, but then the second-team line was playing, so throw it out.

After Kelley, maybe Kapri Bibbs is a possibility. He flashed a little last year and ran a 41-yarder versus New England.

But, the offense is back to relying on the passing game and just hoping to get whatever it can on the ground. And that is a recipe for another losing season.

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