Can winless Redskins beat winless Dolphins?

Ben Krimmel
October 11, 2019 - 11:46 am

Sunday at 1 p.m. ET in Miami: The Ineptitude Bowl. 

Only one thing is for certain when the Washington Redskins play the Miami Dolphins in Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season: They both can't lose.

Other than that, it is anybody's guess with Washington as a 3.5 point favorite. 

The expectation is Case Keenum will start after missing last Sunday due to injury, with Colt McCoy and Dwayne Haskins behind him. Jay Gruden is gone and Bill Callahan is in as Redskins head coach and the expectation is veteran running back Adrian Peterson will get a great deal of work, something the future Hall of Famer is excited about.

“I’m hyped about it,” Peterson said about the changes to the Redskins offensive plan, via The Post. “You look at the first four weeks … totally opposite from what we did last year when we were able to be more successful as a team. Like I’ve said, obviously, something isn’t working, so there needs to be some kind of change. It feels good to have this change.”

Through four games (after he was inactive in Week 1) Peterson has managed just 108 yards on the ground on 40 attempts. That's good for 2.7 yards per carry.

"I know how Bill loves to run the ball. He might line right back up and run it again. So it’ll be a different mindset for the guys up front, and we’ll be able to set the tone,” Peterson added.

However, this could be a good week to run the ball.

"Well, this week they actually might have success," JP Flaim said on The Sports Junkies Friday, "because, they're setting up Callahan for a win they're playing the Dolphins, they're setting up Peterson for a nice day... (the Dolphins) are horrible at everything."

How bad? "They allow 175 yards per game rushing the ball," John Auville added. "Think about that number."

"Find a category and they stink at it," Flaim added.

Now despite the Redskins' interim head coach's love of establishing the run, he does realize it is 2019 and passing the ball is an important part of modern football.

“We all know we’re going to have to throw the football at some point. This is the National Football League, and you’re going to have to throw the football to win,” Callahan said. "But I do think running the ball sets an attitude, sets a physical style. It sends a message, and it puts confidence in your line and your backs. It takes a little bit more pressure off the quarterback as well.”

The bookies, who dubbed this matchup the Ineptitude Bowl, have some special prop bets available and the offerings expect Sunday to be a miserable game to watch.

Predictions website FiveThirtyEight gives the home team a slight edge 51 percent over 49 and a 0.5 point favorite based on their ELO rating. Of course, analytics site Football Outsiders has the Redskins as the slightly better of the two teams, they expect Washington to have a win total in the range of 3.8 this season to Miami's 2.3.

So if you have been on a hunger strike until the Skins win, Sunday may be a good day for a feast. Or it might not. These two winless teams could always tie. 

"I'm still picking the Skins," Eric Bickel said Friday. "Even if they have the most archaic of game plan and a new coach." 

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