WATCH: The 'Caps Dads' trip looks like a blast

Ben Krimmel
December 13, 2019 - 2:37 pm
Garnet Hathaway, Jonas Siegenthaler, Carl Hagelin, and John Carlson of the Washington Capitals celebrate a goal.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images


This just looks like the most fun.

The Washington Capitals have invited their dads for a road trip to Tampa. 

This looks like a fantastic time as we are a big fan of parents and their sports kids. Whether it is Juan Soto's dad planting a big kiss after the Nationals won the NL Wild Card game or the Soto parents going wild during the World Series, all of this is good stuff.

The video, which thus far is our only glimpse of the fun, has several stars that deserve special recognition:

Third Star: Garnet Hathaway's dad, John. The hair. The hair alone. Standout performance.

Second Star: Garnet Hathaway's dad, John. The beard, the glasses low on his nose, just how comfortable he looked. He was ready to party. If Jerry Garcia was a hockey dad.

First Star:  You guessed it: Garnet Hathaway's dad, John! There is a look of terror and then there is the look of absolute terror that totally overcomes Garnet's face when he hands the microphone to his father to give a little speech. If a cold sweat could be personified, that was it.

What a guy. John Hathaway, the star of the night. (Bet he crushes it at karaoke. Does nothing but belters, always ready to do a duet.)

(Also an honorable mention to Richard Panik's dad's jawline.)

If any Caps fans are in Tampa for tomorrow night's game against the Lightning don't hesitate to provide updates on John and the rest of the Caps' dads and the fun they are having. 

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