Caps fan leaves message for Hurricane Florence

September 13, 2018 - 1:53 pm

Washington Capitals fan Jay Fohs knew what to do when preparing his Outer Banks home for Hurricane Florence. Spray paint a message after boarding up the windows: CAPS.

According to RMNB, the message, spray painted in red, was inspired by the many fan tributes to the 2018 champions and was left “just in case Hurricane Florence didn't know who won the Stanley Cup!” 

Jay became a Capitals fan during the team's first season, according to his son Mike. “My dad started following them when they came to the Capital Centre that year and watched a Flyers game,” Mike told RMNB. “Dad went to the Caps’ on-ice party at the Columbia ice rink with Yvon Labre and Ron Lalonde and that turned him into a fan for life."

Hurricane Florence, a Category 2 storm, landed on the Outer Banks Thursday morning and is expected to cause significant damage to North and South Carolina.

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