Carl Hagelin snaps scoring spell with street hockey over the holidays

Chris Lingebach
January 01, 2020 - 10:38 am

You never know what could snap a scoreless streak in professional hockey.

To that end, Carl Hagelin – while making his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance, presented by F.H. Furr – regaled Grant Paulsen and Pete Medhurst with a tale from over the holidays that Capitals fans are sure to envy.

Hagelin celebrated Christmas on Dec. 24, as is customary in his home country of Sweden, spending it with his in-laws, who were in town for the holiday.

"They did most of the cooking, a lot of traditional Swedish food," Hagelin recounted. "And then the 24th, we actually met up with our neighbors for a little bit, played some street hockey, which was fun."

"And then the 25th, we just went downtown and walked around a little bit, which was pretty nice here because there's no one down there for once," he said. "And then (Thursday), went to a little family skate for anyone who wanted to come in with their kids and family here at (MedStar Capitals Iceplex). That was cool, too. My daughter didn't like being on the ice though, so we were only there for 10 minutes.

"But it was definitely nice just to get away and spend time, and eat some really good food and kind of get away from the game for two, three days there."

"I want to go back, though," Paulsen jumped in. "You mentioned street hockey with neighbors. You weren't playing, right? Were you watching?"

"I went out there and took a couple slap shots," Hagelin informed. "It was fun."

"So is this like buddies, just people that live on your street and they know you as Carl Hagelin of the Capitals?" Paulsen inquired further. "Or are they just like, there's a good-looking dude with long locks who's athletic?"

"No, they knew who I was," Hagelin said with a laugh. "Yeah, I know 'em. They're my neighbors. They're good people and they have three kids – three sons, actually, and two of them play hockey, and the third one's about to start, I think. So they were out playing a little bit and I said I'll come join them just to get some fresh air, too."

Talk about the perks of living next to a pro athlete.

"Dude, that's so cool!" Paulsen said. "So you just went out and played with the kids?"

"I was scoring some goals, so maybe that gives me some confidence moving forward," Hagelin went on. "One of them was playing goalie. But no, it was great. I remember myself just being out on Christmas, Christmas Eve back in the days playing some street hockey. So when they said they were gonna be out there, I said I'll stop by for five to ten, but it turned out to be 40, 35-40 minutes."

It seemed to have worked. Hagelin went on to score the equalizer in the third period Friday night against Columbus – the first of two points in as many nights – affording T.J. Oshie the opportunity to score the game-winner in overtime for the Caps' first win over the Blue Jackets this season. It was Hagelin's first goal since returning from injury 10 games earlier.