Chad Dukes calls out double standard in the fat-shaming of Andy Ruiz Jr.

Chris Lingebach
June 03, 2019 - 10:02 pm

The boxing world is still reeling from Andy Ruiz Jr.'s stunning upset of top heavyweight Anthony Joshua, who lost by TKO in the seventh round of their match to forfeit the IBF, WBA, IBO and WBO titles Saturday.

But the gravity of Ruiz's victory, overcoming near impossible odds to become the first heavyweight boxing champion of Mexican descent, isn't the thrust of most of the headlines you'll read.

You're more likely to read about his weight. The 6-foot-2 fighter weighed in at 268 pounds for the fight, adding to his enormous odds at toppling the statuesque Joshua, a prototype at 6-foot-6 and 247 pounds.

The fat-shaming of Ruiz in the days since the best moment of his career set 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes on a warpath Monday, calling out what he sees as a double standard in society.

"Dad being around is about as important as it possibly can be to have healthy, normal kids being raised in a good environment and having the best shot they possibly can have at a life," Dukes began on 106.7 The Fan. "And all we do is say 'dad jokes' and 'dad hats,' and dad this and dad that."

"Moms are superheroes – they're all Captain Marvel," he continued. "Dads are these blithering buffoons stumbling through life. In every commercial, we're just portrayed as complete and utter nincompoops. There's this enormous double standard."

"So this guy Ruiz wins, and he's got boobs and he's got love handles, and that's what everyone's talking about," he shouted. "It's all anyone's talking about! It's the entire story. And maybe some of it has to do with the fact that the guy that he is fighting is an Adonis. I understand that."

"And I don't even really care," Dukes said. "Like we should discuss the fact that, wow, this is an unbelievable fight won by a guy that looks like maybe he'd be sitting next to me watching the fight at Glory Days. Right? We should be able to have that conversation. But then stop busting my balls if Kelly Clarkson gains 40 pounds in two weeks, and I point that out, then I'm a monster.

"What's wrong with everybody? How come nobody will acknowledge a double standard? That is a huge double standard. It's the greatest moment of this guy's life, and if his family Googles his name today, it's a bunch of unfunny egg avatars calling him fat and gross on Twitter! "

"I'm reading an article on, on their official website," Dukes continued. "This is not awful social media. This is not 4chan. This is not Reddit, where gollums descend to anonymously pick apart people that have accomplished more in life than they have. And the last line in the article is, 'Bottom line: Ruiz fights better than he looks.'


"Fights better than he looks... Say it about Cris Cyborg. Ya won't do it!" Dukes assailed. "And trust me, I'm not offended by fat jokes about Ruiz. What I want is I'd like a standard. Standardized. I'd like the whole thing to be standardized. Either it's okay to talk about someone that's fat and ugly, it's okay to make jokes, it's okay to make it part of the narrative; or it isn't. And then we all buy in."

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