RANT: Chad Dukes is sick of people who go to work while sick

Ben Krimmel
January 24, 2020 - 3:38 pm

There are some simple rules for surviving the flu season. At the tip-top of the list: Don't come into work if you are sick.

Don't do it. Don't bother coming into work. You. Are. Ill. 

That is not hard to remember, right?

Evidently, that has not been a rule that has been followed at the 106.7 The Fan offices. And so it was up to Chad Dukes to be the lone voice of reason on the subject.

"If you're sick, stay home. You're not doing anyone any good. Newsflash: You're not that important," Dukes said Friday on The Fan.

"If you stop doing your job today, it really wouldn't be that big of a deal. That goes for me, that goes for all of you, that certainly goes for (Grant & Danny producer) Brendan Darr, and certainly goes for (The Sports Junkies host) JP Flaim. Stop coming in here if you're sick. I just don't understand this." 

And Dukes hits on a fantastic point: If you stay home when ill, "everyone will thank you." 

For example, here is a tweet from The Junkies' John Auville after Eric Bickel, a man deserving special praise for not coming in when ill, came down with symptoms. 

"I give Eric Bickel all the credit in the world," Dukes added. "Had a sniffle, (he) took a week off. He's a GD hero."

And, of course, two days later, another tweet from Auville after Flaim had to be sent home by management because he was at work showing symptoms.

Don't be like Flaim, people. Don't. 

"Please, stay home!" Dukes added, again, for emphasis.

"The days of gutting it out, those days are long gone," Dukes said. "It's this tacit narcissism, 'I've got to be there.' No, you don't. Stay home."  

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