Casserly: Haskins has big play ability

Ben Krimmel
August 08, 2019 - 10:27 am

He likely will not be the starter in Week 1 of the NFL season, but Charley Casserly says Dwayne Haskins has enough big-play ability he will start soon enough. 

Washington Redskins fans will get their first glimpse of Haskins Thursday night in Cleveland, but after practice this week in Richmond the former Skins general manager said the rookie thrower is showing promising signs.

"I thought that Dwayne seemed to have a good grasp of where to throw the ball," Casserly told Chad Dukes.

"He had the big plays this morning," he said on 106.7 The Fan. "Downfield throws, tight-window throws. I mean these were 'Wow' plays. These are Sunday highlight plays, which is what he can do. That's what you're looking for in the future: greatness. And he has the ability to make great throws.

"On the other hand, he held the ball a bit too long, probably would've been sacked in 7-on-7 and threw to deep outside which is, that's an interception waiting to happen." 

Casserly said during the last period, which was the two-minute situation in which the Redskins offense was working on getting into field goal position, Haskins fumbled the snap.

"He's making some big plays and then he makes some plays that cost you," he said of Haskins. "The other guys didn't make the big plays so much, but they didn't cost you.

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"So I would think that we'll probably see is one of the two veterans start the season and at some point, the big guy Haskins is gonna play. Whether the other guys play themselves out of a job or if you're not winning, then you go play him. But if you're winning and you're playing the veterans, everybody's happy."

Of the vet QBs, Casserly believed Colt McCoy to be more accurate than Case Keenum during the practice he saw and added both seemed to have a good grasp of the offense.

For the preseason, he sees the veterans starting the first two games with Haskins getting a good amount of time as the second quarterback in the game. The third preseason game will be the telling game to determine how close or far Haskins is to seeing action during the regular season.

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