Casserly: Kyler Murray's a better QB prospect than RGIII

Josh Luckenbaugh
February 04, 2019 - 11:17 am

As a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from a Big 12 school, Kyler Murray has drawn some comparisons to Robert Griffin III. And just like RGIII in 2012, many Redskins fans would love to draft Murray if he does indeed choose football over baseball. 

In fact, Charley Casserly believes Murray — despite the questions about his height — is a more promising QB prospect than Griffin was coming out of college. 

"Murray," Casserly said when asked by The Sports Junkies Monday who he thought was the better prospect. "(He's got) better vision."

"He's got vision. He sees. That's the thing. If a guy's got vision, then you can work with him. Tim Tebow had no vision. If Tim Tebow had vision, which means he could throw checkdowns and sees guys open, he might have had a chance. But guys would be open, and he's looking and he can't see them."

However, some have raised concerns about Murray's personality after his awkward interview with Dan Patrick Friday. Casserly believes teams shouldn't be as concerned with Murray's character as they should with his agent: Scott Boras

Boras, as you may know, also represents Bryce Harper, the superstar outfielder who still has not signed with an MLB club. Boras has said Murray will not play pro football and will honor his contract with the Oakland A's. 

"You're gonna have to research," Casserly said. "Try to get an opinion from baseball and what they think. What you don't want to be doing is taking a guy in the first round that's obvious you know you can't sign."

"That's gonna have to be the commitment you get from Boras there. That you're gonna sign the guy and can you trust him. That's gonna be the issue. If you can't get it, you're just gonna pass. Normally, the player is supposed to be in charge, rarely is the player (actually) in charge." 

"(Boras) is gonna operate in his own world, I'm sure, and he's playing leverage on things. But at some point, people are gonna get sick of the games. You're gonna play football, or you're not gonna play football. That's it."

But if Murray does commit his future to the NFL, Casserly sees plenty of promise in his game. 

"Very good player, instinctive, can make all the throws with his arm," Casserly told the Junkies. "Obviously has great running ability, but when he gets outside, he still looks downfield to make the throws."

"He looked like a darn good player. You're gonna have to operate out of the shotgun, you're gonna have to run a system that is not gonna put him under center an awful lot, but ... I wouldn't bet against him, is what I'm saying, as a player." 

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