Chris Russell knocks 'Club Jay' because the Redskins had a DJ at practice

Chris Lingebach
August 28, 2018 - 4:03 pm

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Chris Russell couldn't resist another opportunity to insert himself into a non-story.

The Redskins had music pumping through practice on Tuesday – courtesy of WPGC's DJ Jealousy – bringing a little extra rhythm to an otherwise dreary final week of preseason.

Credit Russell for seeing opportunity where no one else does. Opportunity from which he can bludgeon another ham-fisted referendum on Jay Gruden, who, coincidentally enough, publicly ridiculed Russell on the radio not 24 hours earlier.

It's worth noting not one regular-season game has been played.

This is the same guy who once pointed to ping-pong as the culprit in a late-season loss, because several players let off a little steam in the week leading up to the game.

But Russell relishes the chance to yet again ostracize himself from his sports media peers.

One reporter found it within himself to ask a player about the music at practice.

That player was receiver Paul Richardson, who previously played for Seattle, a team that's also deigned to play music at practice.

Reporter: You were used to music where you came from at practice, right? You still had music at practice in Seattle? And then you had a DJ today at practice. So, if you ran into someone who is old, and said this has to be about football and you can't be having fun with music at practice, what would you tell them?

Richardson: I'd think that it's a disconnect. I gotta respect them -- I respect my elders -- but I think there's a disconnect. I don't think that we need music. I think that it helps. I think that it was fun. I think people enjoyed the music. We played music from 30 and 40 years ago and we played music that was popular today. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed every bit of it.

"I don't really understand. Are you confused?" Richardson went on to say. "Crowd noise is worse than that. And then, I mean, older guys will tell you that you practice in preparation for games, and now that teams don't practice as hard as they usually practice, that's why they aren't as prepared on game day. There's music playing during games."

"I don't think there's anything wrong with playing music during practice," he said. "I've only been two places. I haven't experienced an environment where there's just no music at all. I would hope, if there is no music, they're comfortable with that. But we have fun listening to music. I be trying to tell him to turn it a little bit louder, man. I be trying to tell him turn it up."

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