Clinton Portis sees 'more explosive' offense with Colt McCoy

Chris Lingebach
November 19, 2018 - 3:46 pm

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Clinton Portis is choosing to see the positive in a season-ending injury to starting quarterback Alex Smith.

"You hate to see that happen to Alex. I think he was just getting into rhythm," Portis told 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier. "As you can see with this game plan, he was actually taking shots and being aggressive, which was the first time we've seen that the entire year, so I think they were just getting to a comfort level. And for him to go down, it's tough for Alex.

"But I think it's a great opportunity for Colt and I actually see this offense being more explosive with Colt at the helm."

McCoy is viewed as more of a gunslinger than Alex Smith, whom D.J. Swearinger referred to as "the ultimate game manager" on Monday.

Portis doesn't view this difference as a bad thing, considering the circumstances.

"If your defense continues to play the way that it's been playing, you can take some of those chances," he said. "High risk, high reward. If Colt can go out and make a couple throws to get you some points in games, looking at the teams that you have left on the schedule and the way that the defense is playing. You just can't give up seven. Even if you turn the ball over and you can flip the field, you just can't give up points off of turnovers."

"I think this defense has shown over the past couple weeks that it's up for the challenge," he said.

Considering the Redskins traded for Smith in the offseason with McCoy already on the roster, Paulsen was worked under the assumption that we should expect to see a drop-off in performance from Smith to McCoy.

Asked how big that drop-off could be, Portis said, "I think that reason (for the trade) was for the leadership that Alex brings. I think it was for the winning record that Alex brings. As an athlete, as a ballplayer, Colt can throw, man. Colt can play some football."

"I've never played with Alex, to be in the locker room with those guys to say this is the intangibles," Portis said. "I think just because Alex had a winning track record since he's been in the league, been a proven vet, a great locker room guy, great for the team, as you can see the stability that's come since he's been here.

"And now that Colt has that opportunity, when you learn and you see something working from someone else, you just continue that. I don't think Colt ever really had the opportunity to head the locker room here. Now the man in the locker room."

"You just gotta watch how it plays out," Portis added. "I think it's actually going to work out for Colt. Now I'm not going to say this is a better team with Colt. I just think the offense at this moment, that we've seen be really stagnant so far this season, getting bigger plays and scoring more points."

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