Grant & Danny: Colt McCoy a 'very real threat' to win Redskins QB job

Josh Luckenbaugh
August 05, 2019 - 12:12 pm

In a surprise to a number of Redskins fans, Colt McCoy was named QB1 when the team released its first unofficial depth chart this weekend. 

And while the depth chart itself may not mean much ("It’s words on a piece of paper. ... It means nothing," Jay Gruden told reporters Monday), it validates something Grant & Danny have said for weeks: Colt McCoy has a legitimate shot to win the Redskins' QB battle.

"Everybody's saying Colt McCoy, who for what it's worth -- and I would say nothing -- is listed first on the first depth chart that came out, has a chance to start," Grant Paulsen said Monday. "And he might be the first guy to take a snap in the first preseason game against the Browns."

"This is a three quarterback competition. It is not Keenum vs. Haskins, which has how it's been written I think nationally, which is how it's been talked about all over the country. The people who have been around this team since Colt McCoy showed up in 2014 know that Jay Gruden likes him."

"It's not like he's battling Tom Brady for the job," Paulsen continued. "Aaron Rodgers isn't walking through the door. It's a dude in his first month of camp in this offense, Case Keenum, who's been all over the joint as a backup, and a guy (in Dwayne Haskins) who's played a little bit since he was at Bullis High School playing against St. Albans. That's the competition." 

"Three-horse race, really a two-horse race at least it sounds like to start the season between Colt and Case," said Danny Rouhier. "The idea that it's just between Case Keenum, because he was traded for where they gave up nothing and are paying him nothing, and Dwayne Haskins has always been incorrect in my mind."

"I think Colt McCoy is a very real threat to win this job, and win as kind of by default. That doesn't mean he's gonna win it ... what I am saying is people have discounted it and I think that's wrong."

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