Conversations With The Rooster: The Joe Russo Tapes

Chris Lingebach
February 01, 2019 - 2:20 pm
Conversations With A Killer: The Joe Russo Tapes


Some often wonder...

How could one person be so dark-hearted, so untethered from reality, that he's able to stage on assault on the media, while being a member of the media?

You might say that person doesn't exist.

I would contend he isn't a 'person' at all. Not in the way, at least, most humans would identify with their own kind.

Joe 'The Rooster' Russo wears '106.7 The Fan' on his chest, and yet, this coldblooded savage is able to separate himself, in his mind, apart from the quote, unquote, "lame stream media."

He sets himself apart from his own peers; the people he works, associates and shares oxygen with every single day.

If not for the intrepid work of The Fourth Estate, the world may never come to know Russo for the villain that he is and how he loathes the freedom of the press. 

In this special report, @Roostercast offers unfettered access inside the depraved mind of Russo, as he declares his unyielding assault on his media peers and, some might say, the institution of a free press itself.

Russo, with no shame, professes his intentions and all the evil he represents from the onset.

"Who provides bad content?" one reporter asks with a noted diligence. 

Russo's response: "Well, the... Lame Stream Media."

An objective observer can clearly see how he values his own opinion over the experience and disciplines of those around him. But that doesn't describe the entire picture.

It's not until further prodding that Russo expresses his true contempt for the press.

Here, Russo can be seen showing the great lengths to which he stoops to discredit the media. He clearly sets forth his desire to silence any dissenting opinions, any notion that doesn't agree with his own. Also bear witness to his agitation, and inability to focus on one topic at a time as he wildly shifts his gaze around the room.

If you don't kiss the ring, acknowledge the strength and genius he purports to project, then you are outright disregarded as a member of the lesser class, the 'LSM.'

Russo: "I didn't insult Dukes by himself. I insulted you, Landfill, Blue Shorts, Dukes and JT The Vic, sometimes. But not Broc. Because Broc doesn't bust my balls like you guys do.

Honest Reporter: "So, we're the 'lame stream media' because we 'bust your balls'?"

Russo: "Yeah. Basically."

Honest Reporter: "But Broc's not the 'lame stream media' because he doesn't?"

Russo: "Oh, and Tom Daly, too. But, yeah, Broc is nice... Broc is nice and respectful."

Nice and respectful is what he demands.

Watch on if you must, but be mindful of Russo's lack of discretion as he regards members of the free press here as "clowns that sit around."

Just look at this unbalanced individual, his crazed eyes shifting frantically as he reprimands the media with every swivel of his chair.

Some fear that, by sharing this deranged individual's message, it only serves to spread it further.

Others understand the necessity to alert the world of the evil that has been unleashed upon it.

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