Could Bruce Allen be reassigned within Redskins organization?

Ben Krimmel
December 18, 2019 - 2:15 pm

The Washington Redskins season has two more games left, but the final judgment of the 2019 campaign has already been sealed: Disappointing disaster.

And with the present irrelevant, the talk turns to the future. And the future of the franchise comes down to two people: Owner Daniel Snyder and team president Bruce Allen.

With Snyder's position unmovable, Allen is again the subject of public pressure and (perhaps also) from within the organization. "There's definitely a lot of tension in that building right now," ESPN's John Keim told The Fan Wednesday.

The Sports Junkies' Eric Bickel has heard rumors that "the direction it seems to be going, from some people that work there, is that Bruce is gonna be reassigned." 

"It is gonna be one of those deals where you're gonna be pissed off as a fan because he's not out of the building," Bickel said Wednesday.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time something like this happens. After the 2017 NFL season, the last with Kirk Cousins as Redskins quarterback, there were murmurs Snyder would "reassign" Allen.  Of course, the thought from many was this would be a transition out of the football operations role for Allen. However, instead, it was the other way when Brian Lafemina was hired as the team's president of business operations. 

After another poor season, the heat was turned up on Allen again. But, it was Lafemina who was removed from his position after less than 9 months on the job. The following offseason, The Washington Post's Les Carpenter reported: "Some NFL agents in regular contact with the team have suggested that Bruce Allen, the team president, might move from overseeing football operations to the business side" to fill the void left by Lafemina. 

Instead, Allen again retook control of the business operations side and remained in charge of the football side which became a de facto promotion.

"The hard part," Keim told The Junkies, "if he's in the building is there still a power struggle? This is a job that he likes doing."

"Would he want to stay here under those circumstances?" Keim said about possibly not being in control of the football side of things. 

Chris Russell told The Junkies he continues to hear Allen will likely retire. "He cannot have any direct influence in that building over anybody, quite honestly," Russell said about what should happen.

The Fan's Grant Paulsen said the longtime team president's departure could just be a matter of getting the phrasing right.

"I'm at a point now where I think he'd be out, where he would just not be around," Paulsen said. "So how do they phrase it? I don't know. I don't think they'll say he's fired." 

"(Retirement) makes sense, they could say he steps down," he added.

Of course, all of this hinges on the Snyder.

Paulsen said he spoke to somebody Tuesday who said Snyder and Allen were "chummy" at the recent NFL meetings. "They way they put it to me," Paulsen continued, "you never would've known there was trouble in paradise."

"But maybe, and I don't think Dan Snyder is the smartest guy on the planet, far from it," Junkies' John Auville said. "Maybe he's finally learned that after 10 years of the way the franchise has fallen into disrepair he has to change the way of doing business."

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