Chris Russell: Snyder could leverage new Redskins stadium by threatening to move

The Fan News Desk
February 10, 2020 - 1:39 pm

As the Redskins continue their search for a new home, little consideration has been given to what happens if team owner Dan Snyder doesn't get his way.

Redskins Insider Chris Russell spoke with The Sports Junkies on Monday about Snyder's ongoing pursuit of finding the right location for the Redskins next stadium.

Russell spoke at length about the different circumstances that have persisted while the search goes on and what Snyder has done as well as what he could potentially do.

"If Dan is going to privately finance this stadium – wherever it turns out to be – tied in with the gambling license, then that’s probably a good thing. But what happens, guys? What happens if even they get the gambling license and they still can’t get over these major hurdles and roadblocks?

"Does Dan start to get frustrated and kind of go, ‘Hmm. I can’t get to D.C. I can’t get to Maryland. I don’t necessarily want to be in Maryland. I can’t get the deal done in Virginia. Let me start leveraging and threatening something else.'"

"What, to like move the team?" Jason Bishop asked.

“Yes," Russell said. 

“I’m praying he moves the team," Eric Bickel joked.

The Redskins are locked into an agreement to play their home games at FedEx Field in Landover, MD. until 2027.

The Redskins have proposed the idea of building the new stadium in either Maryland or Virginia, The Washington Post reports, so long as sports betting is allowed. Neither Maryland nor Virginia has legalized sports gambling.

Virginia's House of Representatives passed a sports betting bill that would allow professional sports teams to offer in-stadium betting but would oppose betting on Va. colleges or in-game betting on colleges. Virginia's Senate passed a similar bill with two differences: 1) No ban on collegiate betting or in-game collegiate betting; and 2) professionial sports teams can only house sports books if the stadium has yet to be built. 

Both sides will meet to come up with a final bill.

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