Could this really be the end of Bruce Allen's reign?

Ben Krimmel
December 05, 2019 - 1:37 pm

Could the 2019 season be Bruce Allen's last as president of the Washington Redskins?

What has long been a social media campaign by D.C. fans could become a reality when the 10th full season of Allen's reign as the team's top executive comes to a close with Washington’s record in that time at an abysmal ­62-96-1. And longtime NFL reporter John Clayton told Grant & Danny he believes Snyder might move on from Allen, but adds that it is a move the owner probably does not want to make.

When asked Thursday if he thinks Allen will return for another season or if Redskins owner Daniel Snyder goes in a different direction, Clayton said, "I think he might go a different direction."

"I think right now there's such a clamoring for change. And of course, there's gonna be change obviously with the coaching staff and all that, because I'm pretty doubtful that Bill Callahan's gonna be able to get the job, (Snyder) is gonna want a bigger name and try and build some of the fanbase back," Clayton told 106.7 The Fan. "So if that's gonna be the case, yeah, I think there's a chance that could happen, but I don't think Dan wants to do it."

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported, "everything is up for evaluation in Washington" and Snyder is going to evaluate Allen's future with the organization.

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"Dan Snyder understands that something needs to change something, something drastic needs to change," Garafolo said. "I'm telling you, for the first time, I'm really feeling like they are evaluating Bruce Allen's role with the team going forward." Sports NFL Insider Michael Lombardi told 106.7 The Fan Wednesday that nobody really knows what Snyder might do.

"You can't predict what the owner is gonna do," Lombardi said on Grant & Danny. "I don't think winning is really gonna change the narrative of why people are giving away their tickets online and selling them for $30, why there is no longer a traffic jam out of FedEx Field any longer."

"I can't imagine the punter from Richmond has got much of a stake in (the Reskins last two wins) at all," Lombardi said referring to Allen, who punted at the University of Richmond. "But, you know, I can't predict what Dan Snyder is gonna do because any person who is watching his organization, the one with a good culture, would have made decisions about the punter a long time ago."

The Redskins just got clobbered by the Ravens in D.C. TV ratings. And the desire to remove Allen from power has long been on the Christmas list of many as the Redskins' popularity flat lines in the area. This season fans have voiced their displeasure with the direction of the franchise on multiple occasions a sign of how bad the situation has become.

Joe Theismann recently told The Sports Junkies while he doesn't know what changes (if any) Snyder may make, he does believe the Redskins need to hire a GM.

“I think we need a general manager. I think we need a general manager in a position. That’s one thing we don’t have," Theismann said on 106.7 The Fan. “When Scot (McCloughan) left, I think Bruce assumed those responsibilities, but he has others as well. And so to me, football operations is a coach and a GM. Those are two things that are essential."

Would that be enough to change the Redskins' fortune? Lombardi disagrees. He believes it is Snyder who really needs to change the way he operates.

"It would take is for Dan to say, 'I'm just gonna watch this game, I'm gonna root hard, and I'm gonna let people do their jobs. And I'm not gonna mingle and I'm not gonna come in and sign (Albert Haynesworth or) some player to an enormous amount of money, I'm not gonna trade for Donovan McNabb without telling anybody. I'm gonna stay out of it, I'm gonna let the (football) people do what they want to do. I know it's my toy, but I'm gonna let the team (be) run the right way,'" Lombardi told Grant & Danny. "That's what it's gonna take and the only way it's ever gonna happen is by what is happening is people don't show up."

Of course, Lombardi did tell 106.7 The Fan the Redskins owner should do one thing right now: "The first step is to punt the punter."


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