SNIDER: Redskins owner needs to resolve Williams’ holdout

Rick Snider
August 02, 2019 - 4:20 pm
Dan Snyder needs to intervene in Trent Williams holdout

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


There is only one possible resolution to ending Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams' holdout – owner Dan Snyder must intervene.

Fire up Redskins One and fly to wherever Williams is training. Knock on the door and don't leave until some deal is done.

Snyder wants to be involved in this team so be involved. Be the man. Forget Williams' agent or Redskins president Bruce Allen. This should be one-on-one, man to man.

Whether it’s more money or health concerns with the training staff, nothing will be resolved miles apart. Williams and Snyder have a good relationship. They can work it out.

Maybe Williams just needs someone to listen to his concerns with the training staff. Snyder can make any needed changes if they’re indeed warranted. Perhaps Williams just needs Snyder's promise to look into it. Sometimes, a personal conversation really can bridge gaps rather than two sides shouting into the wind.

Perhaps this is Williams leveraging the team into a better deal. That's up to Snyder to decide whether it’s worth it. The Redskins have paid Williams $95 million over his career and signed a top-of-the-market deal three years ago. It would be unfair to the team to redo a deal, especially given Williams' injury woes that cost 16 games in five years. Let's not forget two drug suspensions, too. The Redskins stood behind Williams then. He shouldn't turn his back on them now.

But, it's Snyder's money and he can decide whether to overpay to keep Williams happy and his quarterbacks safer. There are ways to work around a deal like incentives or guaranteeing the 2020 salary of $15 million rather than $2.5 million currently promised. However, Snyder must beware it would be a bad precedent that will come back to haunt him regularly by other top players wanting new deals midway through a contract.

But the only resolution to Williams' holdout is direct talks. Otherwise, silence never works.

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