JUNKIES: Did Snyder have to be told to fire Allen?

The Fan News Desk
December 30, 2019 - 12:15 pm

The Washington Redskins dismissed team president Bruce Allen on Monday after an outside group of consultants likely told owner Daniel Snyder to fire Allen, NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay told The Sports Junkies. 

Finlay reported last week that a group Snyder was consulting to help make decisions about the future of the franchise didn’t include any current Redskins employees. He said the outside consultation was necessary because Allen, who was Snyder's consigliere for 10 seasons, was so entrenched in the organization’s decision-making processes. 

“I think at least the last month or so Dan has been kind of leaning on advisors outside the organization and I think it makes sense,” Finlay said on 106.7 The Fan Monday. “For a decade, he has kind of talked to Bruce Allen about everything. For him to finally see that a change had to be made there, he had to go outside the organization to get somebody to probably tell him to fire Bruce Allen. Bruce isn’t going to tell him to do that himself.” 

Though news of the outside group’s influence broke last week, it’s unclear who worked with Snyder. Finlay told The Junkies that former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs and Urban Meyer could be among the consultants. 

“It’d be crazy to think Urban Meyer wasn’t involved considering, I mean, we know if nothing else he sat with Urban Meyer for five hours just a few weeks back so, even if it was just a casual conversation during that period,” Finlay said. “Obviously, you know Snyder has a very close relationship with Joe Gibbs. I would think Gibbs was involved in some capacity.”

The Junkies asked Finlay whether Allen was kept in the dark about the franchise’s future direction or whether he knew he would be fired at the end of the season. 

“I think he has known for a few weeks,” Finlay said of Allen. “I think he has known for a while that he was out of football (operations). I’ll say this, he kept running everything like he always did and that’s what made things hard to know.” 

About two weeks ago, the team’s scouts were in Ashburn for a meeting that Allen led, making it seem less likely that a change would be made, Finlay added. But, according to Finlay, it became apparent the team wouldn’t make a change with a home game remaining on the schedule. 

“If Bruce had been fired and then there was a home game, imagine the media scene in the Redskins interview room after that game,” Finlay said. “Everybody, not just the normal beat folks that are there every day, you would have had every television station from Salisbury to Roanoke there, and just would have become a circus.” 

And as it turns out, when the season ended Sunday in Dallas, Allen and Snyder were already set to go their separate ways.


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