Bish bones DeAngelo Hall with bad restaurant hook-up

Chris Lingebach
September 10, 2018 - 5:07 pm

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Bishop tried to "hook up" DeAngelo Hall and some friends at his favorite restaurant in Ocean City. It went horribly wrong.

Hall – who joins The Sports Junkies each Monday after Redskins games this season – shared the horror story on 106.7 The Fan Monday morning.

"You set us up, man," Hall said.

"So our friend Sean Glennon, DeAngelo, Eddie Royal and, I believe, Mike Imoh all went down to the beach for a golf trip," Bish said. "Sean says, 'Hey, what's that Italian restaurant you always go to?' I said it's called Fausto's. So they all went down there and I called Fausto. I said, 'Dude. Take care of these guys. DeAngelo's coming down. I'm sure there's going to be fans that want to take pictures, yada yada yada.' I said take care of those guys. 

"So all those guys go there and I told Sean what to order. I said the filet and the Pecoraia pasta are the best items on the menu. But see with Fausto, Fausto likes to just take the menus away and he just starts bringing food out."

"Which sounds great," Cakes chimed in. "It sounds good to me."

"It sounds great if he's comping it all," Bish said. "But when DeAngelo got the bill, they brought out two garlic steaks, which are like 100 bucks a pop."

Listen to the carnage unfold.

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