D-Hall makes his case to join the Redskins staff

Josh Luckenbaugh
December 10, 2018 - 10:43 am

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

During his weekly appearance on The Junkies Monday, DeAngelo Hall brought up the fact the Redskins have not had a general manager since the firing of Scot McCloughan in March of 2017. 

"I joke with them all the time, 'I'm ready to be the GM,'" said Hall. "I don't know if I quite want that job yet, but..."

This prompted Jason Bishop to ask the former Redskins defensive back if he'd consider joining Washington's staff as a coach or a scout. Many have called for the likes of Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden to be fired following Sunday's blowout loss to the Giants.

"I would do it, but just some things have to change," Hall responded. "For me to entertain something like that, I would need some assurances my voice would actually carry some weight. I'm not gonna just come in there and be a yes man."

"I have a very different viewpoint on a lot of things. Because some of these knuckleheads, some of these guys that you kinda don't know about, I was one of those guys. So who better to help guide young men, or even figure out if a dude is selling you a crock of crap or if he's telling you the truth?"

"I sat in those meetings as a 20-year old rookie or potential draft pick, telling coaches exactly what they wanted to hear. I knew how to play that game, so I can smell BS from a mile away," he continued. "Just sitting in at some of those combine meetings, I could easily tell who was very, very genuine, and who had been coached up."

In particular, Hall believes his experience as a Redskins player could make him a valuable a talent evaluator for the organization.

"I'm not saying I'm the smartest guy in the world, but I'm a pretty young guy. I just came out of that locker room, I know how to relate to players. I know ultimately who can play and who can't play, who really is about football and who's about the shiny, glamorous things that football gives you."

"That's ultimately what you want. You want a locker room full of guys who love football, who want to do what it takes to win each and every game. And watching what we saw on the field yesterday, I don't feel like we had a lot of those guys out there."

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