We now have a definitive timeline for Trent Williams' holdout

Chris Lingebach
August 01, 2019 - 4:10 pm
We now have a definitive timeline for Trent Williams’ holdout

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The Redskins may be content to "bleed" Trent Williams financially as they wait out his ongoing holdout from training camp, a new report in The Washington Post says.

Now in their second week of camp, the Redskins can fine Williams $40,000 each day he fails to appear. At that rate, The Post notes, "Williams is already facing $280,000 in fines for sitting out the first seven days of practice."

Perhaps most important, The Post's report provides a clear timeline of when the Redskins first learned Williams planned to hold out, which tells us if the Redskins had adequate time to devise a backup plan, in case Williams followed through on his threat.

"According to a person with knowledge of the Redskins' thinking, Williams asked the team to be traded on June 1," Les Carpenter writes. "Washington officials decided that a trade would not be practical and turned the request down. The person said Williams then asked for more money, which the team also declined, and the two sides have remained in a standoff since."

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Williams first failed to appear at mandatory minicamp on June 4, which places his trade request three days prior. Also on June 4, Erin Hawksworth reported Williams had asked for a trade or a new contract. It's worth noting this was after the start of free agency and the NFL Draft had came and went, meaning the Redskins were already limited in how they could cover for Williams' loss on their roster.

The next day, Jason La Canfora took things a step further, reporting Williams' issues with the Redskins "are not financial at all according to numerous sources with knowledge of the situation. He's told teammates he has demanded a trade or his release from the club due to their handling of his recent medical situation. Has vowed not to play for them."

Jay Gruden said this on June 5 when asked for his response to reports that Williams may not want to play for the Redskins again: "I really don't have one. I'm just trying to focus on the guys that are here right now. I know Trent knows how much we need him and want him back. That's the only thing I can do from here. As far as what happened with him and the doctors, that's between he and the doctors and hopefully we get that cleared up soon."

Gruden was also asked when he first learned Williams would not be reporting to mandatory minicamp. Gruden's response: "Probably a couple days ago."

Gruden also confirmed Williams' frustration with the medical staff might lie with "the timing of the diagnosis."

"Maybe he wishes it was diagnosed a little sooner, from my understanding," he added. "But other than that, I think our doctors and medical staff have done a good job."

"I know he's frustrated," Gruden went on to say. "Any time you have something done, that procedure like that, that magnitude, you want to find the reason. You wish something maybe could have been done differently, or different timing. But our doctors are very good. I know they did the best they can. I mean they have plenty of degrees. I know they did the right thing in their mind. And I know Trent's probably frustrated, but at the end of the day, we want him back, staff wants him back, the players want him back and hopefully we'll get it fixed."

Williams underwent an offseason procedure to remove a growth or tumor from his scalp, which doctors feared could have become malignant if untreated.

On Tuesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media told 106.7 The Fan that Washington's medical staff offered its assessment of the growth at some point during the 2018 season. It took Williams seeking a second opinion to realize his medical scare was more serious.

"I know that when he realized this was going on, really during the season last year, he just doesn't feel – from what I'm told – that it was handled quick enough and basically serious enough," Rapoport said. "Like it took him going to his own doctor to kind of get it checked out and realize that it was something that could turn into cancer, that he ended up getting it removed and having surgery and all of that."

Williams has since undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries to repair the after effects of the initial operation. Williams posted a not-so-cryptic Instagram story from his hospital room on June 13, the date of one of those cosmetic procedures, which included lyrics to rapper Lil Durk's "Turn Myself In."

With Williams' feet sprawled out across his hospital bed, the following lyrics played: 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, main homies turned against me"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard the story, think I'm finished"

According to The Post's report, Washington's strategy moving forward is "to let the fines add up and force Williams to return, at which point the team would welcome him back." In addition, Washington "doesn't want to trade Williams now and is not actively shopping him to other teams."

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