D.J. Swearinger: 'My comments have nothin to do with my coaches!'

Chris Lingebach
November 27, 2018 - 4:58 pm

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports


D.J. Swearinger on Tuesday sought to clarify comments he made earlier in the week about the nature of Redskins practices.

On Monday Swearinger told 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny his team's walk-through practices have been treated like "a joke" by some players. He complained that, rather than showing a lack of discipline, Friday and Saturday practices should be used as a "time to lock in and really be focused in" before games.

Some -- including Chris Russell -- took that as a slight against the Redskins coaching staff for not establishing the proper tone in practice.

"You had D.J. Swearinger taking the Paul Bunyan Axe and basically dropping it down, not only on the coaching staff, not only on Club Jay, but on his teammates," Russell said on 106.7 The Fan later Monday.

To Russell, Swearinger's comments were indicative of a much larger issue.

"What is going on here?" Russell wondered. "I mean we talk about the quarterback. You have a team that is right now getting called out repeatedly by one of their own!"

Swearinger took to Instagram Tuesday to clarify that his comments had "nothin to do with my coaches!" But, rather, they were intended "strictly for players!"

(Editor's Note: The quotes below have been slightly revised for clarity. You can view Swearinger's unrevised comments in his Instagram post below.)

"For those who don't understand me! My comments have nothin to do with my coaches!" Swearinger wrote. "My comments are strictly for players! Some brothers may lack focus at times or lose site of the bigger picture! I say certain things to challenge my brothers! If you not guilty you won't be offended! But if you guilty then you gonna find a negative & may feel some type of way.

"It's never hard feelings with me, it's a vision to greatness & striving for excellence! Mediocre is never accepted. Ya dig?! If Swagg dead wrong you tell Swagg he dead wrong & I'll accept it and find a better approach or better delivery. After all it's life, you live, you learn, you love! That's what brothers do!

"Lastly, to the media all around! I speak with heart & passion & if that's going to be used against me & used as a tool to bring my team down then I'll just #SAYLESS! Real gotta respect real! #ChampionshipMentality"

Swearinger also delivered pointed post-game comments about his teammates after last week's loss to to the Cowboys, saying, in part, "That laughing sh*t. Man, that sh*t's for the birds when you're losing."

"If you're losing, if you ain't no championship team, it ain't no reason coming in the building and laughing, unless it don't mean that much to you, unless you're just doing it for the money," he said. "But if you're doing it from the heart, that sh*t going to mean something to you when you walk in that building after you lost two games in a row."

Swearinger also remarked about late-week practices twice in 2017, after a Week 10 loss to the Vikings and once more after a Week 14 loss to the Chargers.

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