A Dwayne Haskins comparison Redskins fans are really going to like

Chris Lingebach
May 03, 2019 - 2:41 pm
A Dwayne Haskins comparison Redskins fans are really going to like

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It's still early enough in Dwayne Haskins' NFL career to consider infinite possibilities for how it might go.

Ari Wasserman of The Athletic covered Haskins' entire college career at Ohio State and says Redskins fans shouldn't worry about his mobility concerns, because it's not a negative.

"I don't know much about the NFL and needs and stuff, but I will say is that I personally thought that Dwayne Haskins was the best quarterback that played at Ohio State in my time," Wasserman told 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes. "And the reason for that is because they have switched to a pro-style offense to utilize his arm."

"Ohio State's had a lot of very good talent at quarterback and they've been in championship contention mode for the last decade and longer," he said. "But they've done it with athletes who, they ran a lot. They kind of took athletes and turned it into a run-first, throw when you have to type scenario, and it was the exact opposite with Dwayne. He put the ball exactly where it needed to be on literally every throw he threw.

"I know there's some question about whether or not he can move, but, to me, I don't know if that's relevant in the NFL, or at least the way the NFL is today. I don't know if it's shifting over to the Kyler Murray, Pat Mahomes mode, but for now, to get him at 15 when you thought there was a chance he could have gone top-five was a tremendous value pick, and you got a player that really has an A+ arm and I think that's the number one thing you look for in an NFL quarterback right now."

Just to be clear, Haskins cannot take off and run, Wasserman insists, but his other qualities – potentially championship-caliber qualities – should more than make up the difference.

"He absolutely can like step out of pressure and step up into the pocket," Wasserman said. "I think he did a very good job, but the guy can't move. So like if you're expecting him to sidestep somebody and run 15 yards down the field, I think we saw that three total times in his entire Ohio State career. But again, that's not what great NFL quarterbacks do.

"You go back and you look at Peyton and Tom Brady, and a lot of the guys that have won Super Bowls, they've been tremendous leaders, they've been guys who could put the ball exactly where they need it to be and they've been smart. And I think Haskins has the ability to do those things."

"To me, the biggest thing I'll never understand is how that guy only played one year here," he said. "Obviously that's an Ohio State discussion, not a Redskins discussion.

"But in terms of value at 15, you've seen guys and teams and GMs trade up and trade countless assets to try to get into the top five to get their franchise quarterback, and that's exactly where Dwayne should have gone, so to get him at 15, I think the Redskins should feel really good about themselves."

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