LISTEN: Drab wrecks his car, to the delight of Chad Dukes and the Junkies

Josh Luckenbaugh
October 03, 2018 - 8:01 am

Junkies producer Drab T-Shirt crashed his car right after he left work on Tuesday, causing major back-ups on the D.C. roadways, as well as hilarity on 106.7 The Fan's airwaves. 

For some — Drab and those whose days were spoiled by the traffic his wreck caused — it was a terrible moment, but for others, such as Chad Dukes and the Junkies, it was cause for celebration.

"What a gift, on a Tuesday!" Dukes cheered. "I feel sorry for the poor motorists out there that have to be subjected to this maniac's reign of terror. This completely selfish narcissist, who couldn't stop texting his wife 'I'm sorry' for twenty minutes until he got safely off the road."

"The roads are not safe, well maybe they are safe again ... I'll feel comfortable driving home tonight. Drab T-Shirt is off the road."

Drab later called in from the side of the road, explaining he had been distracted looking at photos on Chris "Blue Shorts" Lingebach's Twitter account of the Stanley Cup's visit to the Junkies earlier that morning.

Drab: I heard there was some great content on Chris Lingebach's Twitter about the Lord Stanley today, and I couldn't take a minute longer to look at it.

Dukes: You wanted to see your own picture again of you and the Stanley Cup, correct?

Drab: Hey, does the back-up go past the radio station?

Dukes: Well of course it does, Drab! You know where that is. There's nowhere to go. There's back-up in the middle of the day getting off South Capitol to 395. 

Drab: Well first of all, I don't appreciate you telling people where it's at. I got people waving and honking at me now because they're listening to your radio show.

Dukes: I love that. But he doesn't deserve to be waved at honked at. If people have any cabbages, you think if they have any cabbages they could hurl them at Drab as they drive by?

Drab: No, come on. I'm suffering enough over here. My beautiful car, we sat together for 100,000 miles, and I'm sitting in it probably for the final time here, enjoying all our memories together. And this poor Hyundai Elantra in front of me will never see the streets again. 

Dukes: No, no ... You've ruined a woman's life, you've blocked thousands of loving parents from getting home to their kids and pick them up from school and prepare them meals. I mean, you're a menace to society, all because you want to see additional photographs of yourself with the Stanley Cup.

Drab was able to get work Wednesday morning by borrowing his wife's car, giving the Junkies a chance to revel in his misery, too.

JP: How bad is the damage to your car and to the Hyundai?

Drab: I believe you guys call it "Finito Santiago."

Bish: Oh, so totaled. 

Drab: Pummeled the car. When the tow truck driver finally came, two hours later—

Bish: Oh, you caused so much traffic. 

EB: You caused traffic for two hours?

Drab: The people in Anacostia were affected. It went past the ballpark!

Cakes: I mean, you paralyzed the entire D.C. region.

Bish: People were MF-ing you. Oh yeah, they were so bitter.

However, Drab claims he was cursed by touching the Stanley Cup.

"Bad luck! I just realized that It's bad luck, that's why Peter Bondra didn't touch it," he told the Junkies. "If you didn't win the Cup, you shouldn't be touching it."

He may have a point. Cakes spilled champagne all over his laptop right after touching the Cup, effectively killing it.

Keep it locked here to see if more 106.7 employees feel the effects of the curse. But for now, enjoy the amazing radio inspired by Drab crashing his car.

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