La Canfora gives Haskins best chance for success of 2019 QB class

Chris Lingebach
May 15, 2019 - 9:39 pm

Of the four quarterbacks selected in the first two rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft, Jason La Canfora actually gives Redskins rookie Dwayne Haskins the best chance for success.

Quarterbacks taken near the top of the draft are generally going to bad teams. That's an important caveat here, as the Cardinals (Kyler Murray), Giants (Daniel Jones), Redskins and Broncos (Drew Lock) are not ideal destinations for rookie quarterbacks to thrive, but there seldom is an ideal situation for a rookie quarterback to thrive.

But, as La Canfora astutely observes, where Haskins may have lacked experience in terms of playing time at Ohio State, he may be uniquely qualified to survive the political turbulence of Redskins Park.

"The fact that coach Jay Gruden is coaching for his life gives me pause as well," La Canfora writes for CBS Sports. "But this kid went through some coaching chaos at Ohio State and waited his turn and is incredibly mature and, playing high school ball down the road, is aware of Washington's twisted and sordid QB history. He has the tools to break the cycle, if healthy this offensive line can be stout and they should be able to run the hell out of the ball."

"The whole point of this exercise was who can incubate?" La Canfora told Chad Dukes and Thom Loverro on 106.7 The Fan. "You know, it takes a village around some of these guys. Who can put the best village around him?"

"Now, Redskins vs. the league, there's a huge discrepancy," he said. "We're grading on a curve here, though, Lovey. I mean, we're talking about Dave Gettleman, who can't decide whether Daniel Jones was worth the sixth pick or if he wants him to sit for another three years, because Eli is the messiah and he shall play forever.

"I just chronicled a mere fraction of how the Arizona Cardinals took a kid at 10th overall, and then systematically killed him over the next 12 months, to the point where they had to give him away for the 62nd overall pick. John Elway. Just Google 'John Elway' and 'drafting quarterbacks.' Like, that's where people go to die. Paxton Lynch, I mean, he's what? Like the fourth quarterback in Seattle now?"

"So that's who we're talking about, so this is the worst of the worst," he said. "I wouldn't try to compare what Washington could possibly do for Haskins versus what a New England could do, or what a Green Bay could do, or what a Pittsburgh could do, or whoever you think does a decent job of developing quarterbacks or evaluating talent and putting it all together.

"But based on this construct, it's a really low bar to clear. When's the last time Arizona drafted a quarterback who worked?"

It's worth noting Haskins didn't come in at the very top of this list. With Josh Rosen also included because of his very specifically weird route to his sophomore season, Haskins actually ranked just below the new Miami passer. Still, Haskins has his work cut out for him.

"I've seen it and I know what happens," La Canfora said. "I saw Patrick Ramsey and Jason Campbell and RGIII. I've seen this happen. Cousins. Like you've seen it literally firsthand. But, eventually things have to change at least a little bit, and again, I'm not saying it's gonna change to where this kid's lighting the world on fire by Year 2, but versus these other scenarios, I'll throw a dart in his direction over some of these other ones."

"At the end of the day, it's the organizations that are the most well run, that are the most patient, that have the smartest people making the biggest decisions that tend to win in this league," La Canfora went on to say. "And develop quarterbacks."

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