Casserly: Haskins 'clearly better' than Allen

Chris Lingebach
March 27, 2020 - 11:08 am

While Kyle Allen was a good pickup for the Redskins, Dwayne Haskins is still clearly the better player, Charley Casserly says.

Still, the former NFL GM told The Sports Junkies Thursday that trading for Allen was a "good move."

"You need a backup quarterback," Casserly said. "Case Keenum was the best one available – I'm not counting the Jameis Winstons or Cam Newtons – and he wasn't gonna come back, so he ended up in a good spot in Cleveland with his old coaches there. Colt McCoy wasn't gonna come back, so he ends up on the Giants. That's a good spot for him."

"So getting Kyle Allen, the guy's got some experience – started most of last year," he said. "The guy's got talent – he's got throwing ability, he's got movement, seems to be a smart guy. Turnovers were a big problem last year. Now sometimes that's just experience, growing out of it. We'll see about that. He'll know the system, so that's a positive."

Casserly says Allen – who played 13 games for the Panthers in 2019 – will be a great resource for Haskins to learn offensive coordinator Scott Turner's offense. But, he does worry about the lack of preparation time due to everyone being separated because of the coronavirus.

"I don't think he's proved to me he's a starting quarterback in the league," Casserly said of Allen. "But he definitely can come in and play and be a model on learning the system. Which, you could have a situation here – and this isn't reflective of Dwayne – but you don't know how much startup time we're gonna have on this thing. And having somebody who knows what the coach wants to do, that could be an advantage. But I mean Dwayne is clearly the better player."

"Every team's facing the same situation, except as you're pointing out correctly, you have a quarterback (who's in his) first year in the system, second year in the league," Casserly continued. "He's gonna be at a disadvantage. How fast he and the team can get together. It's a two-way street now. The coaches have to decide, okay, what do we think he can handle and what do we think we can go play with in the games?

"And adapt that way. Now again, if you're playing experienced defenses in the beginning that need less practice time, then that's gonna be an advantage for them. But the way it was set up anyway, I thought it was October before teams hit their stride. So September was more of a feel-out month in the old system. In whatever system we have, I'm not sure when the teams will hit their stride."