WATCH: Scott Van Pelt skewers Snyder, Allen

Ben Krimmel
October 08, 2019 - 8:36 am

The Washington Redskins dominated the NFL news cycle Monday for all the wrong reasons.

After firing head coach Jay Gruden after a 5 a.m. meeting with owner Daniel Snyder and team president Bruce Allen the football world focused on the dysfunction that has defined the organization during recent years. 

SportsCenter host and DMV native Scott Van Pelt used his "One Big Thing" segment after Monday Night Football, to lay the wood on Snyder and Allen. 

"You can fire me at lunch, what difference does any of it make? And that's a question you could ask about this entire situation. Honestly, as long as the song remains at the top, what's ever going to be different?" Van Pelt said.

Van Pelt goes through the eight head coaches during Snyder's tenure and rattles off how came in with different backgrounds, but all suffered the same poor results. 

"So if we're playing bingo: We've done respected coordinator, respected coach, college legend, organizational legend, guy who would take the job, Super Bowl winner, up and coming coordinator. What's left to try?" he asks. "It's never the owner or the GM it's always someone else's fault. And that is a two-decade summary of Dan Snyder ownership.

"So is the fact that FedEx Field has been coopted by rival fan bases like an 82,000-seat banquet hall available for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, or NFL games. The last four home games it has been completely overrun by fans of the Eagles, Cowboys, Bears, and Patriots. If not for them it would have been mostly empty."

Van Pelt goes on to say, "Rock bottom isn't a moment it is a seemingly perpetual state." 

"Snyder grew up there, the same time I did, when Washington was winning three Super Bowls in less than a decade. They were a revered franchise that was so intricately woven into the culture of the region they bridge the racial and socio-economic differences, they brought together all of the DMV," Van Pelt said. "Season ticket's had a waiting list decades-long, now you can't give them away.... and I see pieces about how Snyder and Allen must create a winning culture once and for all. What? This is the culture it's 20 years of this, this is what they are."

The Maryland native lays out the failures of the organization's leadership this way after Allen called the culture "damn good" on Monday, Van Pelt said, "Imagine taking liberties with reality like that. Selling that line and thinking anybody but you buys it. He wouldn't have seemed less self-aware had he shown up to the press conference nude."

The emperor truly has no clothes.

"Nothing changes, because nothing ever does," Van Pelt concludes. "It's a treadmill to nowhere." 

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