Chad Dukes: Evgeny Kuznetsov doesn't owe you an apology!

Chris Lingebach
May 31, 2019 - 5:39 pm

Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov has apologized for appearing in a leaked video alongside lines of a white powder-like substance, an incident from which the NHL has since cleared him of wrongdoing.

Kuznetsov didn't need to apologize, 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes argued in a heated rant targeted at social media outrage culture on Friday.

"Yeah, it's a hard lesson to learn because you didn't do anything wrong and this is a bunch of garbage, and I don't know why we're like this any more," Dukes began. "You're in a room with something that somebody may think is cocaine. You are not arrested. You are not charged. Nobody even whispers your name. It's a weird, creepy internet thing that has leaked out, and then all of a sudden this guy's got to come out and apologize."

"If he got DWI, I probably would like an apology," he said. "If you robbed a liquor store, I'd like an apology. If you're a backup quarterback that ends up in somebody's living room sitting on their couch, and you get hit over the head with a curtain rod, like I believe Chad Kelly did, yeah, I'd want an apology. Then your ass is getting cut. Did Evgeny Kuznetsov owe us an apology for this?"

After giving out the station's phone number soliciting for caller reaction, Dukes returned to his rant.

"I'll go first. No!" he shouted, answering his own question. "This isn't our business. He didn't do anything. And even if he did, he didn't get caught! I'm sorry, I assume some of those guys did coke after they won the Stanley Cup. Wow! I assume one or two of them might have banged a hooker! I assume some stuff happened. Adults sometimes do stuff that's a little tawdry.

"I'm not a child. I don't go through life clutching my pearls with this handmaid's tale outlook on everything. It's just unbelievable how puritanical we get on social media, how holier than thou. Let me follow you around with a camera. Better yet, let me get a million people that know who you are, and I'll give all of them cameras, and then they're gonna follow you around. Because that's what all these guys are dealing with."

"If there is a video of him doing a rail of coke off a stripper's ass, I don't care!" Dukes continued. "As long he's not being arrested, and as long as he's not popping positive on his drug test. Sorry! I'm guessing that will offend some delicate sensibilities. He was in a room with something that might have been coke."

"What if he's in a room with someone that's bonging a beer, dangling their car keys in front of the camera?" Dukes hypothesized. "Does Evgeny Kuznetsov owe us an apology for that? How did he offend us? How did he offend the Capitals? How did he make anyone look bad? What am I missing here?

"Don't follow me around with a camera! I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna say something, I'm gonna be around somebody or around something that's going to make you upset on social media. Social media is nothing! When are we gonna realize that a fraction of society is on social media, and that fraction that's on there, they're mentally disturbed! They would never act the way in real life (the way) they act on those stupid websites!"

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