FATALITY: Jay Gruden finishes Chris Russell

Chris Lingebach
June 06, 2019 - 7:58 pm

Redskins coach Jay Gruden has bested Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan again.

Russell, when he isn't ruining press conferences and sandbagging all of his colleagues, is probably accusing Gruden of creating a lax practice environment, with music and ping-pong tables at Redskins Park.



Russell once famously declared live on public radio that he knows more about what wins football games than Gruden, one of 32 NFL head coaches. "I believe I do, yes."


Gruden picks his spots wisely, but when he swings back at Russell, he brings out a sledgehammer. "Well, I never really liked Chris, to be honest with ya."


As Gruden spoke at Redskins Park on Thursday, Russell chose what seemed a backhanded compliment to phrase his question about Washington's receiver group, making the moment unmistakably about himself.

"Jay, uh, you praised your wide receiver group at different times. Ike (Hilliard) did the same thing the other day when we talked to him. Do you think we're – in the media, fans, maybe, whatever – I guess underestimating what you guys have at that position? Or does that all just come down to health, in your eyes?"

"You said something positive about our team?" Gruden hit back, bringing his audience to tears. "Wow. I gotta see that."

Clearly defeated, Russell stood there stunned, wobbling at the knees waiting for Jay's fatality. We know this because a well-placed source inside Redskins Park captured Russell's immediate reaction:

FATALITY: Jay Gruden finishes Chris Russell
Credit: A Well-Placed Source

Look at that room. Everybody in it knows what they just saw.

It's the end of Chris Russell as we know it.


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