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Flyers' new mascot Gritty is... strange

September 27, 2018 - 10:30 am

By Ben Krimmel

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled a new mascot this week. It is a large, orange, half-Sesame Street, half-I-don't-know-what, bug-eyed creature named Gritty.

Join us in welcoming the newest member of the #Flyers Family, @grittynhl !! Learn more about Gritty:

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What the heck is that thing? Is it supposed to be funny? Intimidating? An appeal to children? Or is this all an elaborate practical joke?

Why, Gritty? Why? 

Gritty meanwhile is having a bit of a problem while on the ice.

And it doesn't get any less creepy. Here is Gritty Photoshopped into the background of stock images. 


Well, not every team in hockey had an offseason like the Washington Capitals.

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