Grant Paulsen to The Junkies: You're being a sucker for the Redskins

Chris Lingebach
March 14, 2018 - 4:24 pm

The Sports Junkies squared off with the "Grant & Danny Show" over their polar opposite Kirk Cousins takes, a segment which proved equal parts tense and compelling.

First off, Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier believe it's in the Redskins' best interest for fans to bash Cousins on his way out the door. Because EB is a fan, and one who is bashing Cousins -- he called him a "big phony" this week -- it's Grant's opinion that Bickel is "being a sucker for the organization like so many people before you."

Furthermore, Grant believes it's both "childish" and "foolish" to be so critical of Cousins.

Grant: I'm referring to the fact that, because he knows the media's names, that's insincere and he's basically angling to get good press. Like, that's literally one of the things the guy wrote. Peyton Manning was a fraud. I talked to one of his teammates once. He told me he wasn't that nice of a guy. He knew my name after five minutes.

Cakes: Are you calling Tom Friend a bit of a ha-ha-ha-hack? 

Grant: No. I'm not doing that. I thought his piece was terrible, and I told him as much when he came on our show. I like Tom Friend. He's a hell of a writer. 

JP: It depends what angle. Would you not admit it was an entertaining article?

Grant: Yeah. Just like your segment was entertaining, but I thought calling him a 'phony' was ridiculous.

EB: Well, I've also had people text me that know Kirk and say 'now people are seeing the real Kirk.' So, it goes both ways. People that know Kirk also are saying the same things.

Bish: No one is universally liked.

EB: Exactly! So it goes both ways.

Cakes: I think he's getting disparaged by two real slimy weasels. Basically, Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen.

Grant: And that's kind of my take on this.

EB: That's not my take. I could care less what those idiots think.

Fortunately we were able to establish who had which take.

JP: We've talked about this from various angles, but we read part of the letter that he wrote to the fans, and I felt no emotion from it, even though he tried in his letter to say that he was emotional about it. I didn't feel it. At all.

Grant: I don't know what that means. I mean...

JP: My feeling reading it is I got nothing from it.

Danny: So you're criticizing his writing style at this point? Is that where we are?

JP: Not his writing style. Is that, when you put it all together. And, for the last couple years when we argued about this, and some people said 'oh, I think Kirk, he'll stay in D.C.' I never felt that way. And that's fine. That's part of his negotiating ploy.

Grant: Yeah. I've been saying for two years no long-term deal was ever going to come.

JP: Right. So I felt that he was disingenuous a lot of the times.

This led to a good bit on Twitter.

Danny: So what are we debating? I still don't know what the debate is.

Good question.

Bish: In addition to hating Skippy, you hate Eric because he thinks that Kirk is a phony.

EB: I just think he was a little bit disingenuous.

JP: You think we're all wrong. I think the statement was, 'The people like EB and JP, and all the dumb callers, they're wrong.' Why are we wrong when it's an opinion about his character? Not about his negotiations. It was really about his character. And all I'm saying is, he says all the right things like a politician.

Grant: Yeah. I think the word I used was 'childish,' not 'wrong.' I think it's foolish. And this is kind of a pet peeve of mine, in general.

JP: Well, foolish can be akin to wrong. If you say 'that's a foolish opinion.'

Grant: Okay. Use whatever word you want to, JP.

EB: Yeah. If you're saying foolish, though, that is being wrong. It means you're wrong!

JP: Right! You're dancing around calling us wrong!

Grant: Well, no. You can have whatever opinion you want. I think you're being a sucker for the organization like so many people before you.

JP: I'm not carrying the organization's bag. C'mon!

EB: Nobody here is a sucker for the organization. Bruce Allen is the devil. No one here is carrying the water for the Redskins. Nobody! This has nothing really to do with the Redskins.

I mean, you can't call a guy a sucker on his own radio show. Just ain't right.

Grant: They are trying to muddy the waters on how...

EB: But they have not affected the way these four people in here think. Not at all.

JP: I don't care about the dumb organization.

EB: They're the worst people in the country. Hold on. Do you think for one second that I have an iota of respect for Bruce Allen?

Grant. No. I don't, necessarily.

EB: So, c'mon. I'm not carrying water for Bruce Allen. He's a piece of human garbage! So is Dan!

Too many water metaphors. Listen to the rest below.

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