LISTEN: Grant eviscerates caller who defends Dan Snyder

Josh Luckenbaugh
January 22, 2019 - 12:01 pm
Dukes: Dan Snyder needs to publicly apologize to Redskins fans

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They may be an endangered species, but there are Redskins fans who still like Dan Snyder.

One of them, Derek in Alexandria, called in to Grant & Danny Monday to defend the Redskins owner, and Grant Paulsen proceeded to eviscerate him and Snyder.

"I still don't get why we (rant) on Dan Snyder," Derek said. "As an owner, you gotta imagine he wants to win as much as anyone else, because winning fattens his pocket like never before. But it seems as if we'd be happier if he took his team and just went somewhere else with it."

"I would be," Paulsen replied. "I would, because another team would come here with another owner in two years, and I could start over. I would absolutely like that."

"Here's the thing, though: it's Dan Snyder's team, he's allowed to make the moves that he wants to make," Derek countered. "Everybody else is doing it, and because he hasn't had the success of everybody else, it's like he's overall to blame."

"I don't think he's overall to blame for those players on that field. I think that goes to those coaches that he's been hiring."

It was at this point, Paulsen went OFF. 

"Is he the entire blame? Of course he's not the entire blame, but everything starts with him," said Paulsen. "These players make the wrong play or do the wrong thing, so did the players before that, and before that, and before that, and before that."

"Since he's owned the Redskins, they're the only team in the NFL not to win 11 games. That's a fact. Since he's owned the Redskins, they are a disaster, off the field and on the field. That is a fact." 

Now, we can make excuses as to why that is and he's a big victim and he's done nothing wrong," Paulsen continued. "I'm not even gonna go through the million things he's done wrong, they are bountiful on and off the field and everybody knows them."

"You say, 'He wants to win.' I don't question that. ... I do think he wants to win, I don't think it's just some business to him where he's counting dollar bills. He doesn't know how to win."

"He can want to win all he wants. He doesn't operate how you have to operate to win. He has never done that. Not for any one season stretch or two season stretch, let alone for an extended period of time." 

"If you do nothing correctly to get there, why should I feel bad for him? Should I feel bad that Johnny Rockets went belly up or whatever happened with them? Should I feel bad he bought a bunch of radio stations and sold them for $30 million less than he bought them for? No, I don't feel bad about that, either."

"Operate correctly, run business properly. He doesn't. There's one way to do this: hire a general manager."

Paulsen went on to bring up the example of the Browns and their owners, the Haslam family, who have had more success after bringing in John Dorsey as general manager. 

"Weirdly they now have a quarterback, they now have a cornerback they just drafted in the top-5, they're now a .500 team and they're on the ascent and might make the playoffs this coming year," said Paulsen."Strange, almost coincidental that they finally got a general manager and now they're a good football team again."

"The Redskins, for two years, hired an evaluator (Scot McCloughan) that people think is good at his job, had the best two years they've had. However, they'll tell you it's a big coincidence because he had nothing to do with it, but the fact of the matter is, they were building towards something. There was a culture here. It's gone. It's gone!"

"Feel bad for Snyder if you want to. I'm not gonna tell you he's some evil, dark soul with a dark heart like John Riggins did," Paulsen concluded. "Here's what I am saying: he's bad at running a football team, and I got 20 years in the making now to prove it."

"He employs people — like Bruce Allen and the role that he's in, like Vinny Cerrato before him and the role that he was in — who are unqualified. They are 32 jobs in the planet like that, you're giving one of those valuable jobs out to someone that shouldn't have it, and then you are continuing to allow them to do it year after year after year."

"Good, smart people are leaving your building all the time and looking back going, 'Thank God I got out of there.' Sean McVay, enjoy the Super Bowl, by the way. Kyle Shanahan's coached in one since he left, Matt LaFleur's coached in one since he left. Everyone go enjoy yourselves, we'll be here!"

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