Alan May: How the Caps can exploit Toronto, Buffalo

Chris Lingebach
February 19, 2019 - 5:30 pm
Alan May: How the Caps can exploit Toronto, Buffalo

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The Capitals are 2-2 so far through this six-game road trip, with stops in Toronto and Buffalo next, on Thursday and Saturday, respectively.

With two days off, one for travel, the Caps should be in the right frame of mind heading into Toronto, Alan May told The Junkies during The Morning Skate, presented by D.C. Lottery.

"They'll have a better mindset Thursday night of what they need to do," May said.

The Caps dropped each of their first two games against Toronto and are 2-0 against Buffalo this season. If they return home with a pair of victories, they could conceivably leapfrog the Isles in the division.

May cooked up the ideal game plans for each opponent, while roasting Maple Leafs fans along the way.

"The number one thing there is to get in front of the puck," he said of the game in Toronto. "The last time they went in there, they were in a free-fall somewhat, last game before the break, a lot of mental distraction. And once they got behind, it just became an absolute disaster."

"Toronto's fans, they act like the won the Stanley Cup any time they play the Caps," May sniped. "It's probably their third or fourth time they won the Stanley Cup this year."

"The Caps have to go into that game with the mindset of they've got to check the puck and be very disciplined," May added. "And I think they're at that point now where they realize they're gonna go in there fresh. They're gonna leave San Jose today, sometime this morning and they're going to spend the entire afternoon on the plane.

"And they get there, they're gonna have to be able to put a lot more thought into that game, and I think it's gonna be a lot different look for the Caps when they go in there and play."

"And then Buffalo's a team that the Caps, no matter what's going on, when they go into Buffalo they play a very strong game," May said, shifting to the Sabres. "It doesn't matter who's on either team or what the standings are. And the Caps I expect will go in there and do the same thing. They'll try to be a defensive team, take advantage of the young Buffalo Sabres offense and make their mistakes go against them."

"That's really what they need to do against both these teams. The defense in Toronto's really bad," he said. "The forwards are fast, they're dynamic, but when they don't have the puck, they're kind of a disaster. And they'll want to put on a show at home and the Caps need to just play very defensive in those two games, and if they do, I think the Caps that we saw last spring are officially back and they're going to start playing that brand every single night, pretty much every single night, at least."

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