How much McDonald's can Jack Del Rio eat???

Chris Lingebach
March 31, 2020 - 3:39 pm

A viral photo depicting an ungodly amount of McDonald's food is making the rounds, asking people if they could and/or would hypothetically consume it all in under 90 minutes for $3,500.

To that, Redskins defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio categorically responded that not only could he accomplish the mission, but there's a good chance he'd down it all with 70 minutes to spare.

Just how much McDonald's is Del Rio claiming he can throw down his 56-year-old gullet? While this photo appears quite dated, that looks to be a heaping helping of:

*1 Quarter Pounder w/ cheese (510 calories)

*3 Double Quarter Pounders w/ cheese (2,160 cals.)

*2 Large Fries (980 cals.)

*At least 20 Chicken McNuggets (890 cals.)

*4 Large Sodas (1,160 cals.)

Assuming those aren't the now-defunct Super Sized fries and drinks, a conservative estimate would bring the entirety of this indigestion nightmare to a grand total of 5,700 calories.

That's a lot of heartburn!

While it's hard to root to see this happen (considering we want to see Del Rio live to coach the Redskins defense), it would make for one hell of a quarantine video.