Howard Stern: Chad Dukes 'The Kind of Sports Radio I Like'

Chris Lingebach
April 30, 2018 - 2:54 pm

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty/106.7 The Fan

106.7 The Fan's "Chad Dukes vs. The World" is the type of sports-talk radio Howard Stern likes, a ringing endorsement from the mountaintop of the industry.

The Stern Show was revisiting a selection of recent radio fights Monday morning when he landed on Dukes' February tangle with NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport. This was the occasion on which Rapoport, after bailing on a pre-taped interview previously in the day, abruptly punched out of a live second attempt with Dukes later in the afternoon.

LISTEN: Rapoport Apologizes 

So Dukes let Rapoport have it while demanding an apology, and once he got it, Dukes refused to reciprocate.

Howard: See, this is the kind of sports radio that I like. If I could be guaranteed that I would get this, then I would listen.

Robin Quivers: You can't wait?

Howard: No. I mean, I don't want to sit through endless discussions on who's going to win a Super Bowl or a boxing match. I could sit through something like this.

"You would have thought Ian f***** his wife or something," Stern later observed. "He was really pissed. I guess he planned his show around Ian."

"Wouldn't it have been terrible if like Ian's kid had been in the hospital?" he added. "But then you say, 'Hey. You know what? A family emergency just literally happened. I apologize.'"

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