'canes' troll the Caps before Game 4, Caps hit back twice as hard

Chris Lingebach
April 18, 2019 - 6:42 pm
'canes' troll the Caps before Game 4, Caps hit back twice as hard

Twitter: @Capitals


The Carolina Hurricanes are upping the stakes just off the ice in advance of Game 4 of their second-round series against the Capitals.

The Caps, as you know, like to include the "#ALLCAPS" hashtag in their tweets because it's a cute play on words and that's what the internet likes.

So, prior to Washington's morning skate Thursday, Carolina greeted their visitors with this welcome message at PNC Arena, forming "canes" in all lower-case letters out of their "Raise Up" rally towels. Adorning the seats of the lower bowl, the message read perfectly at eye level as the Caps entered the rink.

The Canes aren't the first team to try this cute little trick.

While there's no need to discuss how it ended, back when the Caps met the Rangers in the second round in April 2015, New York livened up their social media by banning 'capital' letters, tweeting exclusively in lower-case font throughout the series.

With social media pride on the line, you better believe the Caps hit back twice as hard! The Caps observed that the lower-case 'a' in their hosts' message looks more like a 'Q.'

See you jokesters on the ice!

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