Rapoport: Redskins 'screwed' by Alex Smith contract

Josh Luckenbaugh
January 28, 2019 - 11:17 am

The Redskins' options at quarterback are limited with Alex Smith likely out for the entiere 2019 season but still on their books, Ian Rapoport tells The Sports Junkies

"My understanding is they're planning that the 2019 season will not include (Smith). Which doesn't necessarily mean he's done forever, but it does mean he has a very long road back," Rapoport said Monday. 

"As far as the options, there are some, but I'm not sure they're great. They have Joe Flacco, which is a sort of lukewarm option there. Ryan Tannehill may be more likely, fits the Alex Smith profile a little bit: great athlete, along with being a pretty good passer, and when healthy he's been good."

"You got Blake Bortles, another really good athlete who's been what we've seen, and that's kinda it. I don't know if Teddy Bridgewater gets out of New Orleans, I don't think Case Keenum gets cut at this point, and then it's either that or draft a quarterback. The options, unfortunately this year, are not fantastic."

And given Smith's contract, it would be difficult for the Redskins to commit the money necessary to sign one of those veteran QBs.

"There's no way that Alex Smith gives up $16 million just (out of) the good of his own heart," said Rapoport. "In short, the Redskins are screwed for the money regardless of what he decides."

However, can the Redskins sell the fanbase on a team led by Colt McCoy, who will be coming off a broken leg of his own? Rapoport isn't so sure.

"There's been a lot of internal praise and optimism (for) Colt McCoy over the last three years, especially as it related for Kirk Cousins," he told the Junkies. "I heard it endlessly from people inside the organization: 'We love Colt, he could be a starter.' But then we saw him, and it wasn't quite like that."

"I think had he not played last year, everyone would be okay going into the season with him as the starter and then drafting someone, I'm not sure you could do that now, because does anyone believe he is the sure-fire, one hundred percent starter? Maybe, maybe they do, but obviously he'd have to play better than he did last year, frankly."

In fact, Rapoport isn't fully confident the Redskins will be able to select the quarterback they want come draft time. 

"It's the draft. I don't know where the quarterbacks are gonna go, it's still three months away. What if the Redskins don't get one? That's the problem," Rapoport said. "What we've seen teams do now — we saw the Cardinals do it, we've seen the Bills do it, we saw the Browns do it — everyone prepares themselves as if they get no quarterback, and then when they get one they figure it out."

"I don't know that the Redskins can just bank on, 'Okay, the quarterback we like is definitely going to be there.' Because it's the draft, they may not." 

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