Beagle: Connor McDavid should win the Hart Trophy

Chris Lingebach
March 28, 2018 - 10:17 pm

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

It's a debate that's split the hockey world in two. 

Should Edmonton's young star center, Connor McDavid, all of 21 years old, win his second Hart Memorial Trophy, playing for a team that's well out of playoff contention? And the Oilers aren't just out of playoff contention, they're 17 points out of the nearest Wild Card race.

The dividing lines are quite clear. Here's the president of the Professional Hockey Writers Association, the voting clergy charged with determining the Hart Trophy winner:

But what if the Oilers were a 100-point team? Imagine if, instead of having the 31st-ranked power play in the NHL, they were, say, 10th?

McDavid would have perhaps 12 more points. He would be on the verge of winning the Art Ross Trophy with 120 points — the highest total since Sidney Crosby’s 120 points in 2006-07.

And here's another voting PHWA member, after listing all of McDavid's numerous season accomplishments:

But he shouldn't win the Hart Trophy as league MVP because the Oilers aren’t a playoff team.

So, what does Caps forward Jay Beagle -- an NHL competitor with absolutely no skin in the game -- have to say? Should McDavid, who leads the league with 102 points, win the Hart?

"Yeah. I think so," Beagle said during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance — 'The Morning Skate with Jay Beagle,' sponsored by Sport Automotive. "I mean, I'm not really knowledgeable on what's going on around the league. I don't really have Twitter or any of that stuff. But that guy is a special player."

"I think he's definitely... I think it even makes the accomplishment mean even more if you haven't made the playoffs," he said, "because it's harder to play and stay in it, and stay engaged, once you know you're out of the playoffs, at least with the last 15 games of the season. And the way he's been playing just shows his character and how good of a player he really is."

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