Gruden doubts Redskins would trade Williams as offense has uneven day

Craig Hoffman
August 03, 2019 - 4:45 pm

RICHMOND – The Redskins practiced before a packed house on Fan Appreciation Day Saturday. They did so poorly. The fans stayed for autographs and didn’t care. 

QB Battle – Dwayne Haskins had a couple of really nice throws on Saturday, which drew the obvious attention from fans. He also had more of the same “NO PLEASE NO!” throws he’s been making all camp. This time, they mattered a little more though as some came in live periods where his receivers actually got smashed by the Redskins defensive backs.

Case Keenum did not have a good day outside of one deep ball to a wide-open Vernon Davis, which looked to be on Josh Norman but was actually open because Landon Collins blew coverage. Collins made up for it with an absolutely insane interception on Colt McCoy in the red zone, where he cut across Paul Richardson and snagged a high ball with one hand.

Overall, McCoy probably had the best day but he didn’t exactly do anything to write home about it. “That wasn’t very good,” I said to an offensive coach coming off the field before the autographs. He simply shook his head in agreement and muttered an “Oh boy.”

The offense has had its days, but today was not one of them.

Trent Williams Follow-Up  Head coach Jay Gruden spoke for the first time since reporting from both The Fan and The Washington Post revealed new details in the ongoing Trent Williams holdout. When asked if the team would trade Williams, Gruden retorted "I would seriously doubt that. So, no."

One of the new pieces uncovered by The Fan last week was that the team is unaware of exactly what Williams wants to return. When asked about this, Gruden responded "I do not have an understanding on what it would take to get him back here. If I did, he'd be back here."

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Gruden laughed after the exchange and he’s made quite clear where he stands publicly. He knows how valuable the seven-time Pro Bowler is to his offense and he wants him back. That doesn’t mean he’s “against” his organization or team president Bruce Allen, who Gruden directed questions towards during the session. It simply means his job is to coach football and that job is tremendously more difficult without Williams.

Gruden says he remains as optimistic as he has been all camp about Williams’s return. When asked why he quipped, “That will be the last Trent question I get today.” He then looked at the Redskins PR rep, asked if that was all and walked off the podium smiling.

If news continues to trickle out, Allen should speak. Will that happen? Almost certainly not, but when the head coach says, "You’ve gotta ask Bruce,” it would seem that the opportunity to do so should soon follow.

Next Up – The Redskins return to their usual schedule tomorrow with a 9:30 a.m. practice and 4:40 p.m. walkthru. They do the same Monday before a modified Tuesday schedule and then Thursday’s preseason opener on Thursday in Cleveland.

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