'Faction of players' doesn't want DJ Durkin back as Terps coach

Josh Luckenbaugh
October 31, 2018 - 9:01 am

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The outrage over the reinstatement of DJ Durkin as Maryland head coach is widespread, and per Terrapins insider Jeff Ermann, extends to a number of current players. 

"There's definitely a faction of players that aren't happy with it, that don't think he should be back," Ermann told The Junkies Wednesday. "They're still upset about how Jordan McNair's death was handled, and they feel like they've gotten into their groove under Matt Canada and they don't wanna rock the boat."

"What percentage? People keep asking me that, I don't know. I do know that it's significant. Whether that means 20-percent, or 40, or 50, it's hard to say. Obviously we haven't been able to talk to the players. But it's definitely a lot more than just the three who walked out, and all three of those guys were starters."

As Ermann mentioned, reports began to surface Tuesday that three players walked out of Durkin's first meeting with the team following his reinstatement. 

In addition, several players have blasted the decision to keep Durkin on Twitter. 

The Terps take on Michigan State Saturday in Durkin's first game back on the sidelines, but how will the team respond on the field?

As Ermann put it, that's "the million dollar question."

"That's really hard to answer. They could come out fired up like Texas and beat Michigan State," he said. "Or they could come out flat like that Temple game, which we all saw. But it's so hard to say."

"There's so many emotional and behind the scenes dynamics at play. I feel like it's gonna be one extreme or the other though on Saturday. I don't even know if the coaches who I've spoken to have any idea what team's gonna show up."

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