Jim Norton: I'd give Trump a third term for that!

Chris Lingebach
March 23, 2018 - 4:55 pm

When it comes to the salacious tales of the Trump family and their reported rendezvous, comedian Jim Norton offers a George Carlin-esque level of reduction.

"People don't have to like Trump, I get it," Norton told The Sports Junkies Friday morning. "But a guy who eats McDonald's and bangs porn stars, you're not making me not like him by telling me that. That's my DREAM.

"There's things you don't like with policy? Fine. But don't tell me, 'Oh, he's eating bad food and having sex with Stormy... And he didn't wear a condom!' Oh, boo. Terrible! Yeah, c'mon. I want to give him a third term for that if he wins next time. No rubber? You've got my vote, sir."

"They said he didn't wear a condom," Norton added. "Do you understand the high? Do you understand how he is looking for a high, to not wear a rubber with a porn (star)? He's like, 'There's a billion dollars on the line. Do I make it? Do I not make it?' I mean, c'mon. Because you know, if anything happens, she's keeping it."

Norton: Trump Jr.'s wife is I guess leaving. But it's like, what do you expect? The guy's a billionaire. How do you not go out and have sex with other girls? You can't do it.

Bish: Is she definitely leaving him?

Norton: That's what I've heard. I know him; I don't know her. But, it's like, how can you not, as a guy, do it? You know what I mean? I've cheated in every relationship I've ever been in, and I've never made more than $110,000 in a year!

Bish: That's not true! I know that's not true!

Norton: But what do you expect Trump Jr. to do? If I had 'Trump' and 'Jr.' in my name, all I would do is have sex. I would cheat on every person for the rest of my life.

JP: Do you have a girlfriend now?

Norton: No. I'm dating. But whoever it is, let me warn you: I'm going to cheat on you! I am cheating on you a lot.

Bish: Hold on. You're dating one girl, or multiple girls?

Norton: Oh, just one! Just one special girl. You, the girl from you know where. Just one. You never answer that question on the radio!

Hear Norton's entire visit with The Junks beginning around the 24-minute mark.

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