Jimmy Moreland the 'little brother' of Redskins defensive backs

Craig Hoffman
July 29, 2019 - 7:55 pm

Rookie cornerback Jimmy Moreland –  a self-described "pick machine" – has quickly earned a reputation in the Redskins locker room for always smiling, always laughing, and always cutting up.

The seventh-round pick out of James Madison University is quickly earning a different reputation among Redskins fans, a reputation as a playmaker with a nose for the ball.

106.7 The Fan's Craig Hoffman sat down with 23-year-old Moreland for the latest edition of 'On The Couch with Craig Hoffman,' an ongoing YouTube series featuring long-form discussions with your favorite Redskins players throughout the 2019 season.

Below are a few highlights from their conversation. Be sure to subscribe to 106.7 The Fan on YouTube so you don't miss an episode.

"It's a great thing being around him," Moreland said of veteran Josh Norman. "Because I'm a rookie on this level, so I don't know everything about the league yet. I'm a good cover guy. That's all they know. I'm good at what I can do, but I still gotta learn the little ounces of the offense. Things change like that."

"Being around him, Landon Collins – the whole group, the whole nine – Quinton Dunbar, DRC, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. You got all those guys," he said. "Just being around those guys and getting the little things, technique-wise, into a fit. I'm just learning every day."

Do you feel like the little brother of the DB group sometimes?

"I really do, though. You feel me? It's not like that I am the little brother, because I am the rookie, but how I am to all of them, like they treat me as the little brother," Moreland said. "Because I'm the rookie, I am the lower part of them, so I've got to do my rookie duties, so they're going to look at me as that.

"But, you know, it's a great thing. They just see me as a family member. I'm coming along with them. They teach me things just like that. On the field you have to have fun and communicate. That's the only way we can trust each other. That's one thing we're all building up on."

What has defensive backs coach Ray Horton brought to your career?

"You know, as a whole, he knows that we have a good group in the room, so he's trying to teach us the little things, little techniques, things we can find to help the coverage," Moreland said. "In the NFL you can't always catch everything, you can't always pass break-up everything, you can't always make a play. That's the type of league we're in, it's an offensive league, so we're gonna have more flash as the DB.

"So it's things like, he's trying to teach us like, okay, keep your leverage. Because even if you give up the inside (route). If you're outside leverage and you give up an inside route, it's okay because our leverage is outside."

"It means you're gonna have help in the middle," Hoffman noted.

"Yeah. And make the plays that come to you," Moreland added. "Don't try to go out there and make plays that's not for you. And that's the little things like that. And just learn in each and every thing we do from the defense. He's new to the system just like how I am, but you know all the older guys are trying to help him as well. ...So it's little things like that he tries to help us on. He's a great mentor. All of us click with him. He's a great teacher. He's everything that we need right now as a DB coach."

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